• things to do in Granada Spain
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    Things to do in Granada Spain

    The drive from Malaga airport to Granada, Spain, is just and hour and a half. It was the first stop I made on my road trip around Andalucia in the South of Spain. One of its main tourist lures is the grand Arabic fortress complex of the Alhambra. Granada was the only place that I chose to spend 2 nights instead of 1. As a result, there was a little more time to relax, get my bearings and not rush this city as much. Here’s a compulsive list of things to do in Granada, Spain in 48 hours … Alhambra palace Granada Ok, I couldn’t miss the Alhambra out! I’d booked the…

  • 24 hours in ronda vegan

    24 hours in Ronda vegan

    The town of Ronda is the largest of Andalucía’s white towns and was part of my recent budget road trip around the South of Spain – alongside Cordoba, Arcos, Granada and Mijas. The epic 1700’s Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) was the main appeal for me to visit Ronda, however, its violent history, brimming with tales of bandits, outlaws, rebels and guerilla warriors, has made it an enormous hit with day-trip tourists. As with most of the small Spanish towns I visited, vegan food wasn’t a priority, however, it was possible. Here’s where to stay, what to do and where to eat with 24 hours in Ronda vegan …

  • vegan food cordoba

    Vegan in Cordoba

    Being vegan in Cordoba was not the walk in the park that I thought it would be. Being one of the larger cities in the South of Spain (and drawing big tourist crowds due to its respectable reputation for history and culture), I assumed that it would be one of the easier places to find vegan food in Spain. Vegan tapas is easy to find when you visit Cordoba. A full meal is not. I’ve pulled together a list of the easiest places to find vegan food in Cordoba, and a couple of other things I found out along the way … Taberna la Alqueria Taberna la Alqueria was not on…

  • 3 nights in ibiza

    How to do 3 nights in Ibiza for free

    Last year I wrote a post about how to do your Ibiza trip on a budget, but the thrifty budget traveller in me knew that I could go one better; this year, I made it my goal to write a post about how to do 3 nights in Ibiza for free. I must forewarn you – this is not going to be a luxury 4-star, all inclusive experience. However, neither is it going to be a dirty hell hole affair. This post is how to take a boring, spare 3 nights and turn them into a last-minute budget island vacation. Be ready to put in some graft, and let the adventure begin…

  • alternative ibiza
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    The ultimate alternative guide to Ibiza

    Last year I wrote a couple of posts about Ibiza – how to do it on a budget and which beaches to visit whilst avoiding the party scene. This year, I made it my goal to write a post about how to visit Ibiza for free (which we managed). In the process, we came across so many cool things to do in Ibiza (that didn’t include the stereotypical club scene that the island is famous for). Get ready to get in touch with your inner hippy and explore all the secret gems that the crazy little island has to offer with my ultimate alternative guide to Ibiza …

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    Amistat hostel Ibiza

    Ibiza is expensive enough without paying for overpriced hotels. My regular readers will know that I’m a huge ambassador for hostel accommodation (regardless of the trip type). A visit to Ibiza was no exception. The San Antonio side of the island, it needs to be said, is not my favourite. It feels a lot more ‘Brits abroad’ than the rustic Ibiza town side. However, the lure of Cafe Mambo sunsets and easy access to some of the island’s older clubs meant that we took the opportunity to test run Ibiza’s newest offering in modern day hostels. When we arrived at Amistat hostel, it was so new that it wasn’t even…

  • beach holidays Ibiza
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    Beach holidays in Ibiza

    Beach holiday? Mention Ibiza, and most people think of the famously wild island super clubs. Young party goers arriving en mass to tan, drink and celebrate club culture with the creme de la creme of the world’s DJ’s. HOWEVER, the island has an alternative side to offer. Remove yourself from high energy San Antonio, and you can turn Ibiza into the ultimate European sunset, crystal beach, wanderlust spot: Benirrás hippy beach A relaxing little cove beach, located in the North Ibiza, flanked by rows of small boat huts. Take a picnic and stroll around the mini hippy market, before settling on one of the many little wooden docks to sun…