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    The ultimate alternative guide to Ibiza

    Last year I wrote a couple of posts about Ibiza – how to do it on a budget and which beaches to visit whilst avoiding the party scene. This year, I made it my goal to write a post about how to visit Ibiza for free (which we managed). In the process, we came across so many cool things to do in Ibiza (that didn’t include the stereotypical club scene that the island is famous for). Get ready to get in touch with your inner hippy and explore all the secret gems that the crazy little island has to offer with my ultimate alternative guide to Ibiza …

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    Wagamama vegan tour

    At the end of last year I wrote a post about the launch of the new vegan menu at Wagamama. The good folks at Wagamama HQ had us along for an night of vegan culinary delights, with cruelty-free gyozas, stir fried veggies and curries galore. Not content with simply upping the vegan game amongst the high-street chains, the Japanese inspired restaurant giants have now gone one step further – introducing their Wagamama vegan tour! What’s it all about? The vegan hangouts are off around the country in celebration of the nationwide launch of ‘Vegatsu’. How many times have we listened to our meat eating friends talk about the glorious wonders of…

  • vegan and vegetarian vietnam
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    Vegetarian and vegan dishes in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a famous travel destination in Southeast Asia with diverse cuisine and delicious street foods. The Vietnamese are also known for their healthy diet with a lot of vegetables. One of the reasons for this diet is the popularity of Buddhism in Vietnam. Buddhism is the largest non-native religion in Vietnam, with more than 17,000 pagodas across the country. As a result, it is not difficult to find vegetarian and vegan dishes in Vietnam.  I’m delighted to introduce iTourVietnam, who have written this guide to vegan and vegetarian food around one of Southeast Asia’s favourite backpacker destinations. If you’re interested in other other Asian hot spots, check out my guide…

  • 100 free things edinburgh

    100 Free things to do in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh has been my home for years and, despite a couple of moves, I’ve found myself coming back every time for a hundred reasons. Some of these reasons are listed right here in my list of 100 free things to do in Edinburgh. Throughout this post, I’ve tried to group activities and places into categories, hopefully making it a little easier for you to choose one of two things together through during your time here (though I challenge you to try all 100!).

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    Guest Interview with Cory Varga – You Could Travel

    Cory Varga is a full-time writer and, together with her photographer husband G, owns travel website You Could Travel. Their website specialises in soft adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations and culinary affairs, whilst their Instagram feed gives us serious wanderlust!. In 2013, Cory and tech mastermind G teamed up to create their own digital agency, hoping to show others how a nomadic lifestyle can be possible for anyone. This year, the couple decided to make the switch to veganism, just in time for the launch of their new range of sustainable travel wear. We caught up with Cory to learn more …

  • ms. atisas kitchen
    Guest Interview

    Guest Interview with Ratu from Ms. Atisa’s kitchen

    Ms. Atisa’s kitchen is a new kitchen project established by three Indonesian women – Ratu Lestari, Amelina Nurikka, and Lismita Yelohim. They live in different cities around Indonesia, and come together to share their visions about food, the environment, and living a healthy lifestyle. Their mini meal prep videos are perfect for healthy eating inspiration, and detail easy steps to creating plant-based meals and snacks with an Indonesian twist. We caught up with Ratu to learn more about the work of these three women trying to make a difference …

  • Tal Bright Nomad
    Guest Interview

    Guest Interview with Tal Bright from Bright Nomad

    Tal Bright writes travel guides and travel planning advice on her blog, Bright Nomad, with a section dedicated to vegan travel. A few months of the year, she travels to Europe and beyond, living a digital nomad lifestyle. The remainder of her time, she spends in her hometown, Tel Aviv – one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. As well as her blog, Bright Nomad Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages, she also runs Vegan Tel – Aviv. We caught up with her to find out more about her vegan travel planning, and her digital lifestyle.

  • get featured on Instagram
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    How to get featured on Instagram

    Getting your IG profile featured on a large Instagram account can be a great tool for growing your own followers. People who are clicking through to you from another account are more likely to be genuinely interested in your content. They tend to remain loyal to your Instagram following list, and as a result, will tend to be more engaged with you than a bot following. Each week, I support one of the larger Instagram travel accounts, choosing images for features, captioning images, interacting with followers, searching for new accounts to follow, and responding to queries. They get hundreds of people tagging them for a feature each week, with only…

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    Thailand Backpacking Route

    Choosing a Thailand backpacking route can be difficult, especially given the wide range of tourist attractions on offer. The country relies heavily on tourism and, as a result, offers travellers hundreds of budget activity choices including museums, palaces, Buddhist temples, beaches, World Heritage sites and cooking classes. If you’re going to Thailand, I recommend you take AT LEAST 2 weeks to do so. With this kind of time frame, you’d be able to catch a good little preview of what the country has to offer. For me, your Thailand route comes down to one main question: North or South Thailand? North Thailand The less obvious of the two. Most new travellers know less about…

  • souk shopping tips
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    Moroccan souk shopping tips from a souk seller

    A day exploring the souks is a must for anyone travelling to Morocco. The thrill of haggling with the streetwise stall sellers amongst the bustling Medina atmosphere is something that ever traveller should experience. You can buy everything here – from bags and shoes to spices and carpets! However, for some, knowing what to buy in Morocco can be confusing. The Marrakech souk prices can vary greatly from stall to stall, and it can be hard to tell who’s ripping you off and who’s selling you quality product. Add the chaotic touting and persistence of eager souk salesmen to the mix, and it can feel like quite an intimidating experience…