• Sailing Colombia to Panama
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    Sailing Colombia to Panama on board the Ave Maria

    When travelling around the Americas, your route options are quite straight forward – South to North or North to South. Regardless, if you’re planning on making either journey without flying, then the most obvious place to cross continents would be between Panama and Colombia. The ferry from Colombia to Panama was cancelled some time ago. As a result, the most common (and enjoyable) way of making the journey is by sailing Colombia to Panama by sail boat. I met a lot of travellers who talked about this being the highlight of their South America backpacking trip.

  • 24 hours in ronda vegan

    24 hours in Ronda vegan

    The town of Ronda is the largest of Andalucía’s white towns and was part of my recent budget road trip around the South of Spain – alongside Cordoba, Arcos, Granada and Mijas. The epic 1700’s Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) was the main appeal for me to visit Ronda, however, its violent history, brimming with tales of bandits, outlaws, rebels and guerilla warriors, has made it an enormous hit with day-trip tourists. As with most of the small Spanish towns I visited, vegan food wasn’t a priority, however, it was possible. Here’s where to stay, what to do and where to eat with 24 hours in Ronda vegan …

  • vegan food cordoba

    Vegan in Cordoba

    Being vegan in Cordoba was not the walk in the park that I thought it would be. Being one of the larger cities in the South of Spain (and drawing big tourist crowds due to its respectable reputation for history and culture), I assumed that it would be one of the easier places to find vegan food in Spain. Vegan tapas is easy to find when you visit Cordoba. A full meal is not. I’ve pulled together a list of the easiest places to find vegan food in Cordoba, and a couple of other things I found out along the way … Taberna la Alqueria Taberna la Alqueria was not on…

  • Dubai budget trip
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    How to do a Dubai budget trip – Guest post by Dubai Wikia

    Dubai is quite expensive and I’ve often cast it aside as an option for a backpack trip as a result. In this guest post, Dubai Wikia divulge their best food, entertainment, accommodation and general travel advice for a Dubai budget trip … Most people save up to visit Dubai and then splurge on its glamorous offerings. Still, the attractions remain the same and the activities remain the same. Backpackers around the world ask if it it’s possible to do Dubai on less and we say, “yes”. Dubai may be one of the least backpacking-friendly countries on offer, but if you look hard, you’ll find plenty of budget options for stay, transport and…

  • Mind

    Why I’m taking an online chakra meditation course

    I want to talk about why I’m taking a chakra meditation course and why it might be useful to you too. In 2016 I dipped my toe into the world of crystal chakra massage for the first time. I’d contracted Bell’s Palsy, a condition in which the muscles on one side of your face become paralysed or weak. My body was exhausted. I was so blown away by the results and feeling of my chakra massage that I wrote a post about how it changed my life.  At the time, I was already pretty interested in crystals and how to use them alongside chakra balancing to encourage self-healing. This only…

  • gifts to give someone travelling
    1st Time Travel

    Top backpacker gifts to give someone travelling for the first time

    If you’ve never gone on a long-term trip yourself, knowing what gifts to give someone travelling for the first time can be a little confusing. There are tons of posts listing off top gifts for backpackers, a lot of which are full of utter rubbish – a scratch off map poster (this isn’t going in anyone’s backpack! Sorry!). A lot of new backpackers will already have done their research and picked up a lot of their own gear. If you’re looking to add to that, try looking for some cool travel gear that they might not have a budget for/haven’t thought about themselves. In this list, I’ve pulled together some of…

  • 3 nights in ibiza

    How to do 3 nights in Ibiza for free

    Last year I wrote a post about how to do your Ibiza trip on a budget, but the thrifty budget traveller in me knew that I could go one better; this year, I made it my goal to write a post about how to do 3 nights in Ibiza for free. I must forewarn you – this is not going to be a luxury 4-star, all inclusive experience. However, neither is it going to be a dirty hell hole affair. This post is how to take a boring, spare 3 nights and turn them into a last-minute budget island vacation. Be ready to put in some graft, and let the adventure begin…

  • chocolate cleanse
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    Guest interview with Get Dirty With Me – Vegan beauty products for travel

    Get Dirty With Me is a cruelty-free, vegan beauty range of multi-purpose cleansing powders, made from natural ingredients (that you can actually pronounce). Most budget backpackers are more than familiar with the hassle of trying to cram loads of different wash products into their already jam packed rucksack. Body wash, conditioner – what if you could do all of that with one thing? … PLUS your laundry and your dishes! Well this does! Alongside their concern for animal welfare, this Eco-brand’s goal is to offer travellers an easy to carry product, whilst replacing plastic bottles with biodegradable pouches. I caught up with Get Dirty With Me founder, Leah, to find…

  • alternative ibiza
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    The ultimate alternative guide to Ibiza

    Last year I wrote a couple of posts about Ibiza – how to do it on a budget and which beaches to visit whilst avoiding the party scene. This year, I made it my goal to write a post about how to visit Ibiza for free (which we managed). In the process, we came across so many cool things to do in Ibiza (that didn’t include the stereotypical club scene that the island is famous for). Get ready to get in touch with your inner hippy and explore all the secret gems that the crazy little island has to offer with my ultimate alternative guide to Ibiza …

  • vegan chicken katsu
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    Wagamama vegan tour

    At the end of last year I wrote a post about the launch of the new vegan menu at Wagamama. The good folks at Wagamama HQ had us along for an night of vegan culinary delights, with cruelty-free gyozas, stir fried veggies and curries galore. Not content with simply upping the vegan game amongst the high-street chains, the Japanese inspired restaurant giants have now gone one step further – introducing their Wagamama vegan tour! What’s it all about? The vegan hangouts are off around the country in celebration of the nationwide launch of ‘Vegatsu’. How many times have we listened to our meat eating friends talk about the glorious wonders of…