• restaurant in Aonang Thailand
    Asia,  Thailand

    Yamyen: The novelty hospital restaurant in AoNang Thailand

    Krabi province is giving Bangkok’s unique themed cafes a run for their money with the arrival of a new hospital-themed restaurant in Ao Nang, Thailand. With the capital’s unicorn and mermaid restaurants becoming a more regular tourist attraction, Thailand café hoppers are now looking for their next novelty foodie fix. Yamyen Resto Park Ao Nang shuns the town’s usual beach restaurant format, swapping it for a medical-centre-style set-up – complete with bedpans, syringes and laboratory flasks.   An unusual restaurant in AoNang … Arriving at Yamyen, you can a doctor’s jacket/nurse’s apron and grab yourself a wheelchair (seat). Surgical lighting lamps are fitted to ceilings above dining tables, and menus…

  • finnair vegan food
    Vegan Travel

    Finnair vegan food review

    Like most airlines, Finnair offer a vegan ‘special meal’ during their international flights. After years of in-flight food frustration, I wanted to share my experience of the Finnair vegan food options and how they fare versus other airlines.  Flying with Finnair I’d never flown with Finnair before. A lot of people I had spoken with before my flight had scoped them out, but not one of them had ever actually flown with them. I’d decided to take a gamble with the airline for my trip from Scotland to Thailand, a decision partially made on the back of my long standing huff with Emirates (watch out vegans – they didn’t arrange…

  • Europe,  scotland

    Sustainable Travel on the Isle of Arran

    The Isle of Arran is the ideal place to take a break (regardless of whether you’re a Scottish local or new visitor to the country). Being one of Scotland’s larger islands, there’s plenty of things to do in Arran; with its proximity to the mainland meaning those short on time can visit most of the main attractions without feeling rushed. As the conversation around climate change increases, we see more and more Eco-conscious explorers looking for ways to minimise their carbon footprint. With that thought, here’s my top recommendations for a several days in Arran; including how to get around, what to do and where to eat … How to…

  • airbnb scottish highlands
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    The Field House Airbnb Scottish Highlands Cottage

    Did you spot the cool little Airbnb Scottish Highlands cottage over on my Instagram? I’m forever trawling Airbnb Scotland for hidden gems; cool and unusual Scottish accommodation that you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere else. I love finding rustic little sheds, abandoned trains, traveller caravans, etc. that have been lovingly restored into quirky small-scale places to lay your head for the night. And Scotland has loads of them! Our cottage style Airbnb in Fort Augustus Scotland For our trip to Loch Ness, famous for both its monster (I’ve never seen it) and its sheer size, we decided to check out Airbnb in Fort Augustus. The tiny little village sits…

  • code pod hostel
    Europe,  scotland

    Unusual Edinburgh accommodation: Sleep in a jail with CODE Pod Hostel

    CODE Pod Hostel opened its door for the first time in Edinburgh’s old town at the start of August 2019. A refurbished former court house and jail on the famous Edinburgh Royal Mile, it promises to bring the capital city of Scotland up to speed with the boutique hostel market. Flash-packing in Edinburgh never felt so good! Want cool free things to do in Edinburgh? Take a look at my post: 100 Free Things to do in Edinburgh  The Court by CODE Pod Hostels Location With its cobblestone roads and towering tight closes, Edinburgh’s old town is one of the most desirable accommodation spots for tourists. CODE Pod Hostel is…

  • secret Scottish pyramid
    Europe,  scotland

    The Secret Scottish Pyramid in Cairngorms National Park

    Tourists flock to Scotland for its famous crumbling castles, challenging mountain ranges and glorious green landscapes. But something you wouldn’t expect to see hiding amongst the forests of this little Northern European country is a triangular shrine dedicated to the loved one of Queen Victoria; a secret Scottish pyramid! I first heard about the pyramid in Scotland whilst digging around for some off-the-beaten-track style places to hit up on my next trip North. This large monument is actually one of eleven Scottish cairns (man-made pile of stones) commemorating members of the British royal family. Prince Albert’s cairn (the largest) was built after his death in 1861 and now stands proudly…

  • hanging bridges of Los Cahorros title

    Monachil gorge walk and the hanging bridges of Los Cahorros

    Only 8km or so from Granada, Monachil is sweet little mountain village, perfect for a half day deviation from city life. In recent years, this hillside dwelling has become popular due to one particular tourist attraction – the Monachil Gorge Walk and the hanging bridges of Monachil. Better known by the locals as the hanging bridges of Los Cahorros Granada (this is what you’re looking for when asking for directions or following the signs), this rambler’s route is now one of the main talking points for the Granada Hiking scene. If you’re looking specifically for the hanging bridges, it’s worth noting that when you arrive at the start of the…

  • Europe,  scotland

    The best castles on the West coast of Scotland

    Fairy-tale castles, historic castles, haunted castles, battlefield castles – Scotland has them all! On a recent road trip up the Scottish West coast, I decided to make the most of things and explore the castles in West Scotland. There are literally thousands of these buildings across my home country – so many that I haven’t even managed to get through all of the ones around my hometown of Edinburgh! With that in mind, here’s my list of the best castles on the West coast of Scotland … Heading North? Don’t forget to check out my 1-day itinerary for the Best things to see in Skye. Eileen Donan – the most…

  • storr skye
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    The best things to see in Skye – 1 day Itinerary

    For me, the Isle of Skye is the most magical place is Scotland. The lack of transport, although somewhat frustrating, comes with a certain charm that forces you to embrace local life, hire a car or stick out your thumb and hope for a lift. The island’s twisty one-lane roads, isolated white-painted houses and abundance of sheep throw you back in time to a more simplistic way of life that (as a Scott) I can’t help but feel proud of. With so much to see and do on Scotland’s famous Isle, here’s my list of the best things to see in Skye when navigating on a short 1 day time…

  • Best of Udaipur
    India,  Rajasthan,  Udaipur

    The best of Udaipur, India

    Known as the Venice of India, there are so many beautiful things to do in Udaipur, Rajasthan. As a result, having only a short amount of time there can be overwhelming. The romantic Northern ‘City of Lakes’ offers up some of the most luxurious hotels in India, with famously hosting Beyoncé in a private performance for an extravagant Indian business mogul’s wedding. But what if your Udaipur trip is more budget than Beyoncé? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of attractions in Udaipur to be done on a budget. My main struggle on arriving in the city was filtering through the abundance of restaurants, day-trips, shops and accommodation in Udaipur. In this…