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The funniest negative TripAdvisor reviews of Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat is the main part of a cluster of hills in the city center of Edinburgh. The popular walking route was once an active volcano, and rises to a height of 822 feet – providing climbers with exhilarating views across the Edinburgh skyline. There are over 21,000 reviews of Arthur’s Seat, and it’s rated as TripAdvisor’s Best Things To Do in Edinburgh

The Scots have made sure not to mess with the area too much and, as a result, visitors can enjoy gentle strolls around Arthur’s Seat’s circumference, the ruins of a chapel from the 1400’s, and/or uninterrupted natural hikes without ever leaving the comforts of the city center.

The people of Scotland are proud of the country’s natural surroundings. The raw, untouched landscape that dominates so much of Scotland is one of the main draws for many of its tourists.  

However, this is clearly not the case for ALL of who come here. Whilst this convenient hill provides panoramic city views and exercise routes for both locals & guests alike, some tourist have been less than impressed to discover that the big hill is … well … a big hill. 

Carry on to read the funniest (and downright ludacris) reviews of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh … 

The extinct volcano didn’t emit free WiFi
no wifi arthurs seat
The (non-existent) free tour inside the hill was cancelled
no inside tour arthurs seat
The hike took longer than the estimated time it takes to climb Ben Nevis (the UK’s highest mountain)
5 hour trek
No escalators up the volcano
no escalators arthurs seat
No roller coaster
no roller coaster arthurs seat
Why isn’t there a casino?
no casino arthurs seat
In violation of the trade descriptions act
trade descriptions act
Not enough rainbows (or gondolas)
no rainbows arthurs seat
The tourists got in the way of the tourists
too many tourists arthurs seat
No seats
there isnt a seat arthurs seat
No seats!!!
still no seat
no seat arthurs seat
Missed the ENORMOUS car park right at the base 
arthurs seat car park
Actually … many geographers state that a mountain is greater than 1,000 feet 
arthurs seat is not a mountain
Should have taken a blanket 
soiled myself
Arthur takes way too many days off
no arthur on arthurs seat
Edinburgh Council needs to do something about the weather! 
bad weather arthurs seat

Were you also underwhelmed by Arthur’s Seat? Don’t worry, my list of Incredible Instagram spots and photography locations in Edinburgh gives you lots of other options.

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