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Alhambra Granada Tickets – what to do if Alhambra Tickets sold out

So you’ve tried to get Alhambra Granada tickets, but they have sold out! Getting Alhambra Nasrid Palace tickets is one of the top things to do in Granada. The palace and its gardens are world famous for their size, colour and history, with around 8,500 people visiting each day. In the past, you could book Alhambra tickets with Ticketmaster. However, with the demand for entrance is such high numbers, this changed in 2017.

For my visit to Granada, I had assumed that a few weeks was ample time to book my Alhambra entrance tickets online. I was wrong. By the time I’d gone onto the official website my limited dates were gone. Speaking to other hostel goers, this mistake was not uncommon.

Here’s how to book your tickets for the palace and how to get them if they’ve sold out …

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Alhambra tickets official website

Get yourself onto this site asap and you have a few options for the Alhambra:

  • Alhambra General Entrance Ticket: 14 euros – The main ticket that includes full entrance to the Nasrid Palace and gardens
  • Gardens, Generalife and Alcazaba: 7 euros – Access to everything but the palace
  • Alhambra Experiences: 14 euros – A 2 consecutive-day pass that combines a night visit to Nasrid Palaces and daytime visit to Alcazaba and the Generalife Gardens.
  • Night Visit to Alhambra Nasrid Palaces: 8 euros – Night entrance to just the palace under special illumination conditions.
  • Night Visit to the gardens and Generalife: 5 euros.

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Tricks for getting tickets to the Alhambra when they’re sold out

No tickets left for the day you want to visit the Alhambra? There’s one final trick that you can pull …

A lot of people don’t know that at 12am the official website (as above) re-list any cancelled tickets. You have to be on the site and ready to go as soon as the clock turns – these babies are snapped up fast, fast, fast. We tried this trick and watched our preferred day change from red to green as the site updated their listings. A fast internet connection is a must for this (as is the ability to wait up until midnight!).

Other places to get Alhambra entrance tickets

So you tried to get tickets to the palace via all the routes listed above, but still failed. A lot of people will make a last bid attempt to gain entrance by showing up at the gates on the day. Your chances are slim to none. So what’s left to do instead …?

  • Visit the Gardens, Generalife and Alcazaba – Most of the time it is only the palace tickets that are completely sold out. The Gardens and Generalife passes are still very much worth buying (this ticket alone will still give you a full days worth of exploring). It’s worth noting that even when you arrive at the main gate and they tell you everything is sold out, it’s often possible to stand outside on your phone and book this type of ticket online! (This is exactly what we did – much to the surprise of the information staff).
  • Go with a tour group – This option will cost you A LOT more, but these companies get their tickets for each day in advance and you’re guaranteed a full palace ticket. Visits such as Granavision Excursions’ tour (including the Alhambra palace) get strong Tripadvisor reviews.
  • At the Alhambra Shop  – The city centre bookshop can be found at Calle Reyes Católicos 40 in Granada  and holds a select amount of tickets.


To conclude, the best thing you can do is try to book your tickets as far in advance as possible. Staying up until midnight may sound like a chore, but it may be the difference between you missing the palace and catching that last minute cancellation.

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