• vegan restaurants palolem
    Goa,  India

    Vegan-friendly restaurants in Palolem

    Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Palolem are a dime a dozen, most focusing on a more Western palette with sushi bowls, breakfast pancakes, sandwiches and vegan sweet treats. The main strip directly behind the beach has lots of modern cafes and eateries perfect for vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner. I certainly didn’t get to try all of them, but here’s a quick run down of the vegan Palolem hotspots that I did manage to check out … Zest I’d been following these guys on Instagram for a good couple of months before I arrived in Palolem, so I was already quite clued up on their vegan offering when I finally…

  • vagator vegan
    Goa,  India

    Vagator’s vegan-friendly restaurants

    Goa has a reputation for being really vegan-friendly, however, going vegan in Vagator is still somewhat challenging (due to India’s fondness of egg and gee/butter). With so few blogs touching specifically on vegan-friendly Vagator spots, I’ve pulled together a list of the reliable eateries that I came across during my short time there. Bean me up Bean Me Up is a vegan/ plant based dream. With its lush green plant canopy, spacious wooden tables, lounging chairs and twinkling nighttime fairy lights, expect to pay more than you would for a standard roadside establishment. For backpackers, this jungle paradise is a treat, whilst for short-term travelers, it’s still a lot cheaper…