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Unveiling Athens’ Hidden Wonderland: The Unusual Little Kook Café

Looking for the most Instagramable café in Athens? I’ve got you covered! One of the first things I do when heading to a new city is hop on TikTok and search for ‘Hidden gems’ and ‘Unusual things to do’ in that area. And that’s how I found Little Kook in Athens.

This café is undeniably the most Instagram-able coffee spot in the entire city. Once you step foot into Little Kook, you’ll understand why it has gained such a dedicated following of locals and tourists alike. It’s not just a café; it’s an experience. So, make sure your phone is fully charged and your filters are on point because your feed is about to get a serious dose of colour and crazy.

Here’s what this post covers:

What makes Little Kook Athens unique?

Step into a fairytale: Little Kook Café welcomes visitors to a realm of whimsy and wonder. This unconventional café is renowned for its extraordinary ambience and enchanting decorations. From towering chandeliers to elaborate sets and fascinating characters, every corner of Little Kook is a feast for the eyes – so much so that it’s a bit of a sensory overload.

Its current theme focuses on the tail of Alice in Wonderland, allowing guests to unleash their inner child as they immerse themselves in an extraordinary world of giant cakes, topsy-turvy tea cups, playing-card soldiers, and fantasy wait-staff.

Does Little Kook Athens have vegan options?

Yes! But be warned, it’s extremely limited – by limited, I mean there’s one option. I’d brought my friends here on the assumption that I would be confined to only the drinks menu, so the discovery of a plant-based cake was a delightful bonus. 

While my friends ordered from the (quite frankly enormous) menu, I settled for their vegan chocolate cake; the biggest slice of cake I’ve ever been served in my life. Despite its size, it was surprisingly light. I also tried their fresh pink lemonade. 10 points!

vegan chocolate cake little kook athens
pink lemonade drink little kook athens

How can I make a reservation at Little Kook Athens?

While they list their telephone number and website on Google (the website is actually only a link to their Facebook page), I wasn’t able to find anything that allows instant online table bookings for Little Kook. The crowd outside may seem alarming, but we found it relatively easy to get a table, as most of the hustle and bustle belonged to tourists simply there for a quick photo of the cafe’s exterior. Showing up and hoping for the best appeared to be the only clear option available.

little kook cafe seats

Are children welcome at Little Kook Athens?

Very much so, this place is a mini Disney Land for kids – but be prepared to drop some healthy coin! Drinks will set you back at least 6 euros per person, and plated desserts come in at an average of 11 euros.
They also have a dedicated ice cream parlour, but there weren’t any vegan options during our visit.

little kook alice in wonderland cafe athens

What are the opening hours of Little Kook Athens?

As per a lot of the big eateries in Athens, Little Kook’s opening times are wildly generous. Visitors can take a trip down the rabbit hole from 9 am – 12 am every day!

How do I get to Little Kook Athens from the city centre?

Little Kook is located just a short walk from the main Monastiraki Metro station. It sits down a lane just behind a lot of the famous Athens rooftop bars, such as Attic Urban Rooftop, and is pretty difficult to miss once you’re on the street – Pittaki Street, in the Psyrri neighbourhood. The café is topped with an enormous fibreglass dragon, and Alice in Wonderland-themed decorations poke out across the street surrounded by bright neon lights and colourful umbrellas.

Can I take photos inside Little Kook Athens?

Little Kook Athens is known for its visually stunning and whimsical decor, making it a popular spot for photography enthusiasts. However, we were told that we were not allowed to take photos of the café’s interiors. Photography was limited to the outside seating areas and I was given quite a firm telling-off as I first whipped my camera out to capture the entranceway – a tad unnecessary given that I wasn’t aware of their ‘no photography inside’ rule.

inside little kook cafe
little kook unsual athens instagram spot

Service review for Little Kook

How is the service at Little Kook? Honestly, it was a real mixed bag. On arrival, it took us a few minutes to realise that the large crowds gathered outside were mostly just tourists snapping photos with no real intention of sitting down to eat or drink. The two staff assigned to ‘door duty’, dressed in elaborate fairytale costumes, look pretty pissed off about being there and made no effort to be on the lookout for people trying to figure out how to get a table.

When we made ourselves known, we were promptly allocated a table and guided to it rather unenthusiastically. However, the tone changed when our waitress, a smiley lady in a head-to-toe Alice costume bounded over with menus. Service took another dip when a slightly glum-looking Mad Hatter served our food, seemingly oblivious to our excitement. Things went further downhill when I received my aforementioned photo-taking telling-off.

While the enormous, colourful plates and café aesthetics were enough to distract us from the general team’s disinterest, it wouldn’t have washed elsewhere. Thank goodness for Alice!

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