Ibiza for under £200
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Ibiza travel for under £200

How cheap can you travel to Ibiza for a holiday? Cheaper than you think! After reading a number of articles, shaming the modern travel blogger for creating ‘unattainable life goals’, I set out to show how achievable some of our travels can be.

I must reinforce, we’re not talking about luxury holidaying. I’m talking about getting away to see somewhere on a super tight budget. This post is based on three nights, and breaks down cost per person.

Flights to Ibiza

Jet2 and Ryanair are your best bet for cheap flights to Ibiza. How cheap? £45 return cheap! We found our flights with Skyscanner, messing around with flexible dates. We chose to hit down the week before the club opening parties (early May), and found that also helped pricing.
Flight total: £45
ibiza cheap flights skyscanner

Car rental in Ibiza

You’d think talking a bus would be the cheaper travel option right? Wrong! Those deals that airlines offer whilst you’re trying to whizz through the booking pages are worth noting. We paid a bargain total of £7 for 3 days! Seriously! We spent our trip in a small blue Nissan Micra, using the maps (provided by our hostel) to explore the beaches, free sights, and coastline around Ibiza.
Car hire: £7
Car insurance: £600 refunded card deposit/ or £45 for 3 days
Petrol refill on return: £10
Car total: £17
ibiza beach

Ibiza accommodation

Ok. So this is where people get upset. You want a cheap trip? You have two options.
1) Hostel
Had we couch surfed, our accommodation would have been entirely free! On this occasion, we stayed in Giramundo hostel, Ibiza town, via Hostelworld.
The hostel sports an open communal area, patios with most of the dorms, and many with en suite bathrooms. We loved the set up, it makes for easy meet ups with fellow travellers (which hostels often get wrong with large spaces).
Breakfast is included; a simple coffee, croissant, Jam, Nutella, tea affair. For the vegans amongst us, the shop (20 meters down the road) sold fresh baguettes for less than a euro.
Room total: £68 for 3 nights (including all Spanish taxes)*. This was for a 6 bed, en suite dorm. Cheaper options were available for larger dorm sizes.
*Dorm prices will vary depending on dates

giramundo hostel

giramundo hostel room


Breakfast was included (tick).
We kept lunches really simple. The hostel is within walking distance of a large Lidl store, where we spent €8 a day on fresh breads, bananas, pre-made Greek salads, stuffed vine leaves, crisps, fresh tomatoes (you get the idea). We took lunch picnics on our day trips to beaches, and ate on the sunny hostel terraces whilst in Ibiza town.
Evening meals were a similar affair. We sacrificed one night (using lunch left overs). In doing so, we were able to go for tapas another evening, visiting one of the many trendy beach front restaurants.
Staying in hostels makes it really easy to meet people doing the same thing. We found a group of people willing to pitch together to buy beers, mixers and bottles each night, and spent our evenings chatting to other travellers with drinks.
Lunch totals: £21 (between two of us)
Evening meal totals: £21 (again, between two)
Drinks totals: £18 (£6 a night. 1 can of beer was €0.90 each)
ibiza sunset
Travel total: £190!
Had we managed to bag ourselves a last minute Couchsurfing host, we would have lost the cost of the accommodation and brought our total down to a thifty £122!! Consequently, we did hear from two hosts, however, not until we’d booked our last min hostel dorms. The moral of this story? Plan ahead!!
Have you made it to Ibiza for less? I’d love to hear your Ibiza stories in the comments below.

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