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Plant-Based Travel: A Guide to EasyJet’s Vegan Food Offerings

It’s been a while since I’ve flown with EasyJet but, much like the larger airlines, the last time I took a trip with them, vegan food options on the flight were frustratingly limited.

My biggest plant-based in-flight bugbear? We’re way past 2020, but vegan milk alternatives still appear to bamboozle airline menu teams. HOWEVER, on my recent flight between Edinburgh and Athens, I was pleasantly surprised by the non-dairy glow-up that the EasyJet offering has been through. Here’s a detailed list of all the vegan food options on EasyJet flights (as of June 2023).

Easyjet Vegan Hot Food And Mains

I’m going to dive right into the most important part, the hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. I’ve taken enough flights to know that it’s usually a smart move to bring along your own sandwiches or alternative (substantial) meals. BUT, EasyJet now offers a couple of decent vegan foodie bits:

  • Sweet and spicy chickpea and mango wrap (with sweet potato falafel and vegan mayonnaise)
  • Plant-based snack box (with oatcakes, apple & cinnamon popcorn, hummus, BBQ smoked corn, and dark and salted caramel chocolate
  • Penne arrabbiata (with a spicy garlic and tomato sauce)
vegan sandwich easyjet menu
easyjet vegan main pasta menu

Vegan Snacks On EasyJet Flights

For a long time, crisps had been our only budget airline food option, but not anymore! There’s an entire savoury snack page in EasyJet’s menu listing now, and there’s only one thing that isn’t suitable for plant-based diets. Delighted!

  • Pringles (salted)
  • Salt & vinegar boxed crisps
  • Garlic & basil olives
  • Thai chilli Crunchits
  • Poppadoms & dip
vegan snack menu easyjet

Vegan Drinks Menu On EasyJet Flights

WE HAVE OAT MILK – this is NOT a drill! Massive bonus points to EasyJet for this entire sub-section! Not only have they given us a caffeine fix minus the moo juice, but they’ve also taken the step to clarify which of their wines are vegan-friendly (something we’re still waiting for some top restaurants to get to grips with):

  • Oat latte
  • Italian sparkling rosé
  • Prosecco
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Rosé
  • Malbec
easyjet vegan oat latte coffee
vegan wine list easyjet menu

In summary, EasyJet has played a blinder. While I’m still struggling with top-graded airlines (I’m looking at you Emirates) on the most basic of vegan needs, there’s absolutely loads to choose from on their budget airline menu. So much so, I’m awarding them my top vegan food score to date.

Score: 9/10

Why the one-point drop? There’s no vegan option on the low-cost breakfast deal. It’s pretty easy to source a vegan muffin or porridge option these days, so it’s a sad oversight. I’d have loved to have seen a plant-based cake of some description.

Frequently Asked Questions About EasyJet’s Vegan Offerings

Q: Can I pre-order vegan meals on EasyJet?
A: The EasyJet website states that passengers can pre-order vegan meals, and they encourage their vegan travellers to do so to guarantee availability. Customers are instructed to select the option during the booking process.

Q: Are there any additional charges for ordering vegan meals on EasyJet?
A: There are no extra charges for ordering vegan meals on EasyJet flights.

Q: Are EasyJet’s vegan meals suitable for people with allergies or specific dietary restrictions?
A: Easyjet notes that their meals may not be suitable for those with specific dietary restrictions or allergies. They recommend reviewing the ingredients and consulting with their customer service team if you have any concerns.

EasyJet’s Collaboration With Vegan Food Brands

A few sources have noted that Easyjet cited collaborations with “Various prominent vegan food brands, recognising the growing demand for plant-based dining options“, adding, “By teaming up with renowned vegan food brands, renowned for their commitment to quality and sustainability, EasyJet ensures that passengers can savour delicious and ethically sourced plant-based meals during their flights.” However, after a little bit of digging – including a good rummage around their website, brochure, and even a ChatGPT search – I’ve been unable to find specific vegan-named brands for 2023.

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