• vegan restaurants in Florence
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    The best vegan restaurants in Florence, Italy

    Yes friends, in a city famous for its beefsteak alla Fiorentina, lampredotto (the stomachs of 4 bovine animals) and tripe, vegan restaurants are popping up everywhere. It’s true, Tuscany is finally conquering the vegan world and, in this article I’ll show you the best vegan restaurants in Florence, Italy. Planning a trip to Italy right now? Don’t miss this Florence travel guide. I’m delighted to introduce Simone from Lovin Italy, who is full of Florence insider knowledge and has written this guide to Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Florence. Bon appetite! 1. L’OV Osteria Vegetariana Vegan Instagram location in Florence – Piazza del Carmine If you’re looking for an Instagram location,…

  • Sailing Colombia to Panama
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    Sailing Colombia to Panama on board the Ave Maria

    When travelling around the Americas, your route options are quite straight forward – South to North or North to South. Regardless, if you’re planning on making either journey without flying, then the most obvious place to cross continents would be between Panama and Colombia. The ferry from Colombia to Panama was cancelled some time ago. As a result, the most common (and enjoyable) way of making the journey is by sailing Colombia to Panama by sail boat. I met a lot of travellers who talked about this being the highlight of their South America backpacking trip.

  • Dubai budget trip
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    How to do a Dubai budget trip – Guest post by Dubai Wikia

    Dubai is quite expensive and I’ve often cast it aside as an option for a backpack trip as a result. In this guest post, Dubai Wikia divulge their best food, entertainment, accommodation and general travel advice for a Dubai budget trip … Most people save up to visit Dubai and then splurge on its glamorous offerings. Still, the attractions remain the same and the activities remain the same. Backpackers around the world ask if it it’s possible to do Dubai on less and we say, “yes”. Dubai may be one of the least backpacking-friendly countries on offer, but if you look hard, you’ll find plenty of budget options for stay, transport and…

  • vegan and vegetarian vietnam
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    Vegetarian and vegan dishes in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a famous travel destination in Southeast Asia with diverse cuisine and delicious street foods. The Vietnamese are also known for their healthy diet with a lot of vegetables. One of the reasons for this diet is the popularity of Buddhism in Vietnam. Buddhism is the largest non-native religion in Vietnam, with more than 17,000 pagodas across the country. As a result, it is not difficult to find vegetarian and vegan dishes in Vietnam.  I’m delighted to introduce iTourVietnam, who have written this guide to vegan and vegetarian food around one of Southeast Asia’s favourite backpacker destinations. If you’re interested in other other Asian hot spots, check out my guide…