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The best vegan restaurants in Florence, Italy

Yes friends, in a city famous for its beefsteak alla Fiorentina, lampredotto (the stomachs of 4 bovine animals) and tripe, vegan restaurants are popping up everywhere. It’s true, Tuscany is finally conquering the vegan world and, in this article I’ll show you the best vegan restaurants in Florence, Italy.

Planning a trip to Italy right now? Don’t miss this Florence travel guide. I’m delighted to introduce Simone from Lovin Italy, who is full of Florence insider knowledge and has written this guide to Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Florence. Bon appetite!

1. L’OV Osteria Vegetariana Vegan Instagram location in Florence – Piazza del Carmine

If you’re looking for an Instagram location, this is the place to go! The beautiful location, in the heart of the Oltrarno, and the never obvious furnishing make it a holiday go-to destination. The OV Vegetarian Inn puts a twist on the standard vegan Italian menu set-up: it doesn’t offer appetisers, first and second courses, but instead lists only two menus: Before and After.

LOV florence

2. La Raccolta, Via Giacomo Leopardi, 2R Cafe – Vegetarian restaurant, bar and market

Open from early in the morning until late at night, La Raccolta is vegetarian rather than vegan, however, carries a large vegan offering. They offer a vast assortment of croissants and cakes, alongside vegan macrobiotics confectionery produced by little local communities. At lunch, this place is a perfect representation of a traditional Florence stop off, with first AND second courses. Their evening menus present many fancy dishes for a vegetarian, vegan or macrobiotics supper. There are inspired not only by the Italian gastronomic tradition but also by oriental themes and fascinating aromas.

3. Le Fate Astrolgoy restaurant – Via S. Zanobi, 126R

If you are a vegan with a passion for astrology, Le Fate could be your new local in the heart of Florence! As with many vegan hangouts, they offer vegetable gourmet dishes prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, however, the real standout is the marriage between cuisine and astronomy. The restaurant prepares different menus for every zodiac sign, inspired by answering to the demands of every sign. Located in the heart of Florence, a few steps from the Central Market, this place is 100% organic.

la fate

4. Brac bookstore and restaurant – Via dei Vagellai, 18R

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine inside a contemporary bookstore: this is Brac, a pleasant local, intimate and informal hang out in the centre of the city. Fresh dishes and ingredients of quality are this restaurant’s signature, nestled between the best in hipster surroundings. Vegan-friendly food in Florence!


5. Nirvana – Via Il Prato, 4/B

Nirvana has one “mission”: to free the minds of those people who see the vegan cuisine as unattractive and unappealing. Here the dishes are prepared with selected raw materials, opting for natural and not refined products to create a vegetarian cuisine with oriental traces. Their aim is not to convert, but just to open people’s mind to trying something new.

6. 5 e Cinque Authentic Italian Vegan Food – Piazza della Passera

When you’re looking to take a break from heavy pasta and bread, this small Florence restaurant has a great menu. Hidden away down charming backstreets, 5 e Cinque are known for their friendly team and great handle on the English language. The prices, slightly above the average, are justified by their use of quality raw ingredients and their strong Italian roots.

7. Ristorante Quinoa Gluten Free Restaurant in Florence – Vicolo di Santa Maria Maggiore

At Quinoa the keyword is “gluten-free”. In fact, it is the first restaurant in Florence 100% without gluten, certified by the National Celiac Disease Association. Close to the Duomo of Florence, the offer a menu of the Tuscan tradition surrounded by an urban vegetable garden rich with aromatic plants.

Quinoa Florence

8. Il Vegetariano Original Vegan Restaurant– Via delle Ruote, 30R

A historical local, born in 1981, when nobody would have betted on a vegetarian restaurant amongst the fortress of the Florentine beefsteak. Il Vegetariano taps into how much of vegan offering there can be throughout Italian and international cuisine. They run on a self-service formula, and be ready to bring your Google translate as their chalk board menus are in Italian only. Their menu changes regularly and is always creative, with around 50% appealing to vegans.

Vegan Fast Food in Florence

9. Il Vegano Florence – Via San Gallo, 75R

The Vegano is a young and informal local where you can have breakfast, lunch or snacks 100% vegan and cruelty-free at lower prices. Not just chips, sandwiches, and pizza bread: the menu is rich and includes first courses like soups and creamy dishes, alongside mixed salads, and sweets and fruit salads. Perfect for fast food, but without giving up the taste or healthy ingredients.

il vegano florence

10. #Raw Vegan Florence, raw street food in Italy – Via Sant’Agostino, 11/R

The password at #Raw is “raw food”. Raw gelato, raw burgers and delicious pressed juices. This is the first local of Florence entirely devoted to the raw cuisine, where you can pick up shakes, ice creams, and original street food. The menu at #Raw Florence is creative and rich, knowing how to satisfy even the most demanding of clients.


11. Universo Vegano – Via Pietrapiana, 47R

Universo Vegano is a restaurant chain, popular in cities across Italy for revolutionising the concept of vegan fast food. Put down that dodgy standard ‘vegetarian’ sandwich and get ready for burgers, lasagnes, pizzas and crazy tasty desserts. The most popular place for vegan travel in Italy.

universo vegano

12. Crepapelle – Via Giampaolo Orsini

Vegan crepes are hard to find in even the most vegan friendly cities, let alone Florence! Ingredients and menus change every season and run to themes. Interesting combos include Crêpes stuffed with tempeh in chimichurri sauce and chocolate, cornflakes and toffee sauce! As well as being vegan, the menu is completely gluten-free and visitors are welcome the bring their four-legged friends. You might even be lucky enough to meet the restaurant’s very own little dog (and mascot), Pixel.

13. Giumella Gastronomia Vegana, Vegan Cheese in Florence – Via Lorenzo di Credi

Did someone say vegan cheese? This vegan takeaway deli in Florence prepares vegan cheese daily – using dry fruit, seed oils such as walnut, almonds, sunflower, oatmeal, and rice flour. Offering dishes prepared with products neighbouring countries, this is a small and informal local, perfect for tasty snacks.

In summary, eating vegan in Florence, Italy has never been easier. Just make sure you plan enough time to visit all it has to offer!

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