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Bogota Graffiti Tour

The Bogota Graffiti Tour is listed as the number two tourist attraction in the Colombian capital city on TripAdvisor.

I’m not usually one for TripAdvisor rated activities. I don’t like being around big groups of tourists, and I pride myself on being able to seek out the ‘off the beaten track’ highlights. If you’re the same, make an exception for this tour, alongside a trip to Medellin’s famous graffiti area.
yellow graffiti
The tour is free, but be prepared to hand over a donation of around 20000 pesos at the end (around £5). You won’t begrudge the donation, it’s worth every penny. Our guide ‘J’ was full of little tit bits of information; the history of the city and country, to little anecdotes about each of the artists. Guides are passionate about the political standing point of the graffiti in the city. We heard from another traveller that her group had been led by a female guide, who displayed an interest in the importance of female graffiti artist presence in the country. For me, this is a sell. A tour that’s personal to each guide makes for a much more passionate experience.
head graffiti

Why take a graffiti tour in Bogota?

The Bogota graffiti tour is the only one that works hand in hand with the government in the city, and also supports and communicates regularly with the artists. For us, this was another reason to disregard the small donation request at the end; you know your cash is going towards the longevity of the craft.

How long is the Bogota Graffiti Tour and what will I see?

The tour takes four hours, so grab your comfy shoes! They meet tour goers at the Parque del los Periodistas at 10am and we finished around 2pm.
Here’s a glimpse of what we saw …
native graffiti
aztec graffiti
lady graffiti
cat grafitti
Getting onto the Bogota Tour is easy, we even managed to grab some last minute spots for extra friends we had made on the day of the tour. Head over to their site to book your spot, or head over the the Bogota Graffiti Tour Facebook page for more info.
Did you make this tour one of your excursions whilst visiting Bogota? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the tour. Do you have any other Bogota city highlights? Share your thoughts and ideas below.

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