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Goa,  India

Vagator’s vegan-friendly restaurants

Goa has a reputation for being really vegan-friendly, however, going vegan in Vagator is still somewhat challenging (due to India’s fondness of egg and gee/butter). With so few blogs touching specifically on vegan-friendly Vagator spots, I’ve pulled together a list of the reliable eateries that I came across during my short time there.

Bean me up

bean me up goa
acai bowl goa

Bean Me Up is a vegan restaurant and pretty tent accommodation location with canopy gardens and light entertainment. With its lush green plant canopy, spacious wooden tables, lounging chairs and twinkling nighttime fairy lights, expect to pay more than you would for a standard roadside establishment. For backpackers, this jungle paradise is a treat, whilst for short-term travelers, it’s still a lot cheaper than a vegan meal at home.

They have a tasty set of breakfasts for 350 rupees that includes coffee and a small fruit shot. Choose from plates of spinach rotis with chutney, sausage and tofu scramble on brown toast or fruity acai bowls. Dinner options include sticky tofu pieces, fresh vegetable sushi and a range of plant-based burgers. This hipster-inspired vegan hotspot is topped off with relaxed trance tunes and friendly wait staff.


dosa vagator

Jaws is a big roadside canteen serving veg and non veg food options from morning until night. It’s popular with backpackers due to its lower restaurant price point and authentic India cuisine. This foodie favourite is a great spot for a cheap breakfast, with huge onion or masala dosas costing around 100 rupees; served with coconut and spiced sauce condiments. Wash these down with hot lemon tea for an extra 30 rupees.

Dreams Momo stand

momos vagator

Technically, this place doesn’t have anything to do with Dreams Hostel, however, it’s so close that it makes for an easy landmark when you’re hunting for this moreish snack fix.

Momos are little handmade dumplings, often stuffed with a vegetable or chicken filling. This little momo shack by the roadside serves up 3 flavours, which can all be ordered fried or boiled. One of these options is a simple veg momo, which they’ll provide accompanied by a rich peanut sauce and/or soy sauce. At 100, they’re a lot more expensive than their Delhi counterparts, however, they’re relatively inexpensive for Goa and come as a filling plate of 8.

Sonali roadside paratha

vagator paratha

Get your vegan carb fix by the roadside with some aloo paratha. Sonali is certainly not a vegan only pop-up, (most of their food includes egg or milk), however, it can be forgiven for the size and spicy kick that their paratha are served with. An aloo paratha will cost you 100 rupees, and includes the pleasure of a kerb stool to people watch from. Be sure to really bring home the ‘no butter’ card – they’re happy to oblige, but I had to reiterate it a few times to make sure it was taken seriously. The small hassle is worth the taste.

Sita Pure Veg Restaurant

If you’re looking to get your vegan thali fix then this is a good place to start. A little bit further out than the other places, Sita Pure Veg Restaurant is located out next to the petrol station and a few people that I met in Vagator hopped on a taxi bike rather than stomp down here in the mid-afternoon heat.
The veggie restaurant has a decent list of vegan options. However, as with so many other places in India, be sure to reiterate, “Without paneer” when ordering rice or anything that isn’t specifically listed as vegan!

In summary, Vagator’s vegan offering is on the up! If you have the slightly higher budget for it, don’t leave out Bean Me Up. If you’re heading the South, read my post about vegan-friendly restaurants in Palolem, Goa.

AND, if you’re heading to Rajastahan, be sure to read my post about things to see and do in Udaipur.

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