things to do in palolem beach
Goa,  India

Things to do in Palolem Beach, Goa

Things to do in Palolem Beach – The hip little town of Palolem sits in the South of Goa, a short sandy bay attracting backpackers, yogis and holiday-makers alike. A lot quieter than some of the popular Goa hotspots, Palolems white sands and chilled out evenings are the perfect place to wind down. Take a look at my favourite places to eat in Palolem, or scroll on to learn more about how to fill your days there …

Head to Sundowner Bar for sunset

sundowner bar palolem

On our first night in Palolem, the locals told us to head to Sundowner Bar for drinks and to watch the sunset. They cited it as, “The best place in Palolem for sunset”. I agree!

The journey across the sand-bar to the venue is, in itself, a pleasant little excursion. Sundowner puts on a free boat at high tide for those not wanting to get their feet/body wet – but for us, it was part of the adventure.

The bar rests on a large piece of land that juts out from the rocks and gives unrestricted views of the sun going down across the water. There’s plenty of space to find your own little spot to quietly reflect, alongside chairs and tables to enjoy in groups.

Palolem Macarame class

macarame palolem

If (like me) you become restless laying around in the sun all day, a little afternoon craft class might be just the ticket.

Sitting right next to Nireas Healthy Haven, this small, local handicraft store lets you book in a time slot to learn how to make your own dream-catcher or plant hanging. They make for pretty keepsakes or gifts. 

Get the boat to Butterfly Beach

day trip palolem

After exploring Palolems strip of sand and all it has to offer, why not pad down onto the beach and negotiate a day trip with a local boatman. Due to its ‘harder to get to’ location, Butterfly Beach is hailed as one of the prettiest (and it’s also quieter). You can get there by foot, but this will entail a reasonable hike once the road has taken you as far as the tuk tuks can go. 

Palolem beach nigh life – Party for 24 hours

Palolem is not the place to go if you’re looking for a mass sesh. Most places wind down at around 10pm and the bars are expected to respect the noise curfew restrictions. However, one bar does have an all night license. Found near the middle of Palolem beach, Silver Star Bar is open all night long, serving up the usual list of beach cocktails and drinks, alongside music to dance to. 

Head to a free yoga class at Palm Forest Boutique hotel

free yoga palolem

There’s a yoga class being offered on every corner you pass in Goa, and Palolem is no exception. In fact, yoga in Palolem felt like it was on steroids, with classes being offered everywhere from jungle huts to hotels and hostels. 

The team at Palm Forest Boutique Hotel offer a weekly program of classes to suit all levels, including a free all levels class on a Friday morning. Inevitably, it’s busier than their usual classes as everyone cashes in on a freebie, but the peaceful jungle setting and confident instructors make it a must!

Silent Disco Palolem

As previously mentioned, if you’re coming to Palolem for a party, you came to the wrong place! However, if you’re itching for a late night, Neptune Bar at the end of the beach offers up a silent disco on a Friday and Saturday night. Dress up in your favourite boho attire and head along for the headphone party (starting early doors).

Feed the Goa birds of prey 

boat trip palolem butterfly beach

We ended up missing this because the week we arrived in Palolem ended up falling on an annual local holiday. However, take yourself along to the end of the beach (where the crossing to Sundowner Bar is), and you’ll find the water runs around the back to form a river. Here, you should be able to find a boatman willing to take you upstream to feed the string number of birds of prey. 

Give Palolem’s vegan food a go!

vegan food goa

Palolem LOVES a vegan! Regardless of whether you’re a long-time plant eater or trying out vegan food for the first time, Palolem is a fantastic place to go dive in. Head to my ‘Vegan-friendly restaurants in Palolem‘ post for more details and recommendations.

Get a massage in Palolem Beach

massage palolem

As with yoga classes, you can pick up a massage in Palolem at almost every 20-yard stop. I can’t speak for the smaller services, but the massages at Palm Forest Eco-friendly Hotel come highly recommend. Closely set back from the main beach, the jungle hotel has a private massage tent, offering full body, face, back and foot massages.

Get a photo with Palolem shark rock 

shark rock palolem

For all the Instagram fiends out there, shark rock is exactly what it says on the tin – a rock painted like a shark. The tooth-like stone can be found in the crossing to Sundowner, and resembles the famous promo cover from the movie Jaws. 

Palolem is great for a a lazy beach stop and offered some of the nicest relaxation points in Goa (in my opinion). If you’re exploring the North, be sure to check out my post about going vegan in Vagator.

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