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Vegan menu Edinburgh Dishoom

I’ve seen a good few of the Edinburgh bloggers review Edinburgh Dishoom’s vegan options. The Irani Bombay themed bar and restaurant has always sported a separate vegan menu, however, it was mostly made up of side dishes (and breakfast was almost impossible).

As a result, I’d stopped going there for lack of options, and the growing number of alternative vegan venues in Edinburgh. However, the good folks on their menu team have listened to the demand for a good vegan breakfast alternative, adding a full meal to the list (see below). As a result, we nipped into the city centre establishment to check out their lunch menu, and fall in love with the food all over again.

Vegan menus

dishoom breakfast
dishoom menu

The breakfast menu used to be tough for us. The last time I took a vegan friend, we picked through the standard menu, asking them not to butter the fire toast, does the chai come with soy? etc. The staff were so helpful (and apologetic), but it made for a slightly disappointing experience. It’s a delight to see that their management are keen to keep their vegan customers happy with new additions, and rare that a restaurant reacts so quickly to feedback.

The lunch vegan menu is still mostly made up of side dishes, with the chole being the only full main dish available. Don’t let this put you off, the chole itself is delicious, and the sides are huge (big enough to combine a couple to turn into a main).

dishoom vegan main

The chole comes with a healthy portion of rice, and each table is given a trio of Bombay sauces (all vegan).

dishoom potatoes

If you’re going to order a side, make sure it’s the gunpowder potatoes. Cooked to perfection, and bursting with flavour, you get a huge portion for your buck!

There’s been a lot of thought put into the vegan options in Dishoom. My meat eating dining friend took many a dip into my selections, flavours being interesting enough to ensure that he forgot that he was missing the meat extra.

Service, as always, was top notch. Despite a heavy Sunday service, the team were fast and efficient without ever making you feel rushed.

Have you been to Dishoom yet? Have you got any food favourites? Let me know your thoughts! Like this post?

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