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The worlds best virtual tours and experiences without travel restrictions

Take a look at the worlds best virtual home tours and experiences without travel restrictions …

Travel bloggers and goers across the globe sob into their coffee cups at the realisation that we probably aren’t going ANYWHERE for the foreseeable future. We’ve hit a first world problem we can’t do anything about! Or, have we? If you’re suffering from serious itchy feet, here’s a list of my favourite virtual travel options – just enough to give your toesies a little scratch.

GeoGuessr – 3D virtual tour game

Put your geography knowledge to the test with this enjoyable and educational tool. The game plonks you somewhere on Google Street view (often with clues such as road signs, buildings and drivers), then leaves you to guess where you are by exploring your surroundings. Sign up for a free account to tap into the ‘Famous places’ option.


Virtual Scottish whisky tasting

Introduce a hint of sophistication to your quarantine boozing by joining the Friends of the Classic Malts team for a weekly whisky tasting live stream. Every Thursday at 6pm, they’re holding a live whisky tasting on their Facebook page. The night is hosted by their Scottish Whisky Ambassador and those keen to truly immerse themselves in the sampling can order sample sets before hand.

Take a virtual tour of the Paris Catacombs

Mon Dieu! Hold onto your pants horror fiends, things are about to get freaky! The remains of more than 6 million people lie in the tunnels of Paris’s underground network. In the 18th century, Parisian officials made the decision to transport the corpses residing in their overflowing cemeteries to the city’s underground quarries. Now, the popular tourist attraction has opened its passageways to the web!

Sangria with Drag Queens

Portugal. Sangria. Drag queens. What a holiday! The Airbnb experience team have pulled some blinders out of the bag during the Corona pandemic and one of my favourites has to be Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens. Take an e-visit to Lisbon where 7 fabulous drag queens will teach you how to make authentic and delicious Portuguese sangria.

Wildlife watching tour in Kenya

If you learn ANYTHING during your time in lockdown, let it be that animals shouldn’t be confined to small spaces anymore than we should! Definitely one of my favourite on this list! The site uses high definition live streams that transport you to waterholes strategically located around Africa. Seconds into my first trip to the streams, I was lucky enough to catch an elephant plod right across the screen.

Study the world’s most amazing animals by watching them in their natural habitat.

african wildlife live cams

Climb Mount Everest!

Seriously! Most likely the closest most of us are getting to the epic journey. For those of you with VR headsets, this online experience will slip you straight into the hiking boots of 18 explorers who have made the climb already. Starting at base camp, through the Icefalls and finally pushing towards your final goal at the top, this virtual tour will leave you with your heart on your mouth!

Learn how to cook pasta with an Italian Nonna

Can’t go to Italy? Bring Italy to your kitchen with an 84 year-old Italian grandmother. This little lady from just outside of Rome live streams her authentic pasta cooking classes in a course called ‘Nonna Live‘. Perfect your Eat, Pray, Love pasta from the comfort of your own home.

pasta with nonna

Free museum virtual tours websites

A lot of the big global museums and art spots were fast to respond to the world’s lockdown measures, pulling together their digital teams and opening their spaces to the virtual public. Some of the coolest ones:

Meet the Dogs of Chernobyl

If you’re anything like me, you’re not in the slightest hurry to set foot on the radiation-tastic grounds of Chernobyl – but you’re still intrigued. Throw a couple of doggos into the mix and you’ve almost sold me. Lucas Hixson takes you on live virtual tours through the heart of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Most of your tour will be spent with the friendly pooches that roam the power plant, with Lucas providing them with food whilst answering your questions.

Free US national park tours

Some for all you ‘outdoorsy’ folks. Explore hidden worlds amongst lava tubes inside Hawaii volcanoes. Or, head 1000 miles North of the continental US to a land, where the ice age still lingers, for a tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. Both excursions come with interesting voice overs, making you feel like you have a guide with you every step of the way.

hawaii lava tube

Have you done any virtual tours or experiences that should be on this list? Drop me a suggestions in the comments below.

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