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Where to get the best vegan breakfast in Edinburgh in Veganuary

Here’s my list of where to get the best vegan breakfasts in Edinburgh to help you through Veganuary (updated 2022) …

So you’re trying Veganuary and already you’re missing those big fry ups/Sunday brunch pancake stacks/ simple fruit and yogurt! Switching to a vegan diet can be tough … think of it the same way as being on a weight loss diet, you are trying to change habits of a lifetime. Breakfast out of the house used to be a pretty boring affair for vegans; beans on toast (no margarine, of course) was a tiresome staple. However, times are a changing.

Black Rabbit – Vegan Deli and Coffee Shop

It’s take-away only for those visiting Black Rabbit, sweet and savoury baked goods specialist. But when the food is THIS good, who cares? I don’t think I was quite ready for number of options that Black Rabbit provide each day, their window is a delectable dream of cake stands bursting with cruffins (croissant/muffins), sweet pastries, and savoury snacks (I’ve recently tucked into 3 cheese and chutney pasties and ‘nae egg’ rolls).
The Black Rabbit menu also has a daily selection of hot toasties (good god, try the cheese and bacon one!), lunchtime baguettes, and vegan sandwiches.

Finally, if the supermarket offering of plastic-like vegan cheeses has left you struggling to remember what the original even tasted like, take a moment to purchases a few of their deli cheeses. My favourite – The Gorgonzola and spreadable ‘Chedder’.

Black Rabbit vegan deli

Beetroot Sauvage – vegan cafe and yoga studio

Tucked away in an unexpected area of Newington, Beetroot Sauvage is a large, rustic feeling, cafe with a generous outdoor courtyard perfect for spring/summer brunching. There’s a real emphasis on nourishment here, and everything is made with fresh ingredients from scratch!

Keep an eye out for their weekend specials, which have included these vegan fried eggs on avocado toast. Explore the Beetroot Sauvage plant-based menu.

Black Rabbit vegan deli


Is there anything better than vegan donuts? How about vegan donuts jammed full of plant-based bacon and sausages, smothered in lashings of sauce? You’d be a fool to think I head all the way up to Considerat in Newington for only one donut. As well as their savoury offerings, this all-vegan donut house mixes up their flavour selection every week – so there’s always an excuse to go back for more.

Considerat Edinburgh savoury donut

Plantz Delicatessen & Bake Shop

Finally! Someone has opened up an all-vegan bake shop in the north of Edinburgh! Just up the road from the city’s Botanic Gardens, Plantz speacialises in artisan coffees, sandwiches, baked goods, cheeses, and plant-based groceries. It’s worth noting, this is a shop and not a cafe, however, it’s a great place to grab breakfast on the go. Be sure to pick up extras for later – keep an eye out for their ‘pastrami’ bagels and INCREDIBLE tiramisu (no, you ate the whole tub in one go!).

Plantz cafe Edinburgh

Loudons vegan pancakes

Loudons used to be one of my favourite places for vegan breakfast in Edinburgh city! With 2 venues (one between Tollcross and Fountain Bridge, and one just down from Waverley Train Station), they had both east and west Edinburgh covered. When I first worked on this post back in 2019, their menu was bursting with vegan options. However, they’ve cut back their offering a lot and their days of vegan eggs are long gone, replaced by a standard breakfast and vegan bramble pancakes. Sad times. Check out Loudon’s vegan menu offering.

loudons vegan pancake

Heavenly Desserts

This luxury dessert restaurant is located right in the center of Fountain Park, Edinburgh’s West End entertainment and food hub. Their pastel palette booths are the perfect place to nurse a hangover or meet your squad for a sweet Sunday brunch. If you need an excuse to pause the calorie count, this is it! They offer up a strong vegan menu of Biscoff waffles, tarts, milkshakes, puddings, and cocktails and I’m always impressed by how creative their menu team are with flavours – I love the iced rose and lychee latte! And don’t forget to pack your camera – the Instagram game is strong in this one.

Heavenly desserts Edinburgh

Bross Bagels – Vegan breakfast in Leith and beyond

Not the largest if you’re looking for a big vegan breakfast/brunch, but ideal for a filling start to the day (especially when you’re on the go). Since my original post, Bross have opened multiple new units across Edinburgh, including a larger deli in the long-awaited St James Shopping Center.

There was a time when getting a vegan breakfast in Leith (now a lively hub for Edinburgh foodies) was a challenge. For some time, the area clung to its fishing port roots. However, times have changed and Bross Bagels are just one of many local businesses expanding their vegan selections. Their larger ‘Born Again Vegan’ sandwich includes ‘facon’, ‘cheese’ sauerkraut, crispy onions, and lashing of 1000 island dressing. Check out the Bross bagel menu.

bros bagels vegan

OQO Elm Row Coffee shop with creative vegan options

Nestled neatly in the blocks of Elm row, bridging the gap between Leith and Edinburgh city center, is pretty little coffee shop OQO. Whilst their vegan offering ins’t huge, I appreciate the Chef’s recent attempt to introduce a lot more dairy (and egg) free cakes into the mix. On well-stocked days, they’ve had 3-4 cake options, alongside plump breakfast muffins.

OQO cafe Edinburgh

Piece Box – vegan breakfast in Polwarth

An oldey, but a goody! Probably one of the largest plates on the list, it’s also one of the most creative. In their updated vegan breakfast plate, they serve up crispy fried potato skins, pulled and marinated oyster mushrooms, sausage, beans, spinach, and fried chilli tomatoes.
And, that’s not all! Their vegan menu now also includes dairy-free milkshakes, porridge, and granola.

piece box edinburgh breaka

Naked Bakery – vegan cakes and breakfast in Edinburgh New Town

Have you ever seen a vegan cake so pretty in your whole life? All of Naked Bakery’s cakes are 100% vegan and most of the goodies they make can also be made gluten-free. They originally started out with an offering of just cakes, donuts, and macarons, but have now branched out to all kids of artistic looking grub. Their pink waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and maple syrup cant be found anywhere else in the city (and can also be topped with vegan bacon!). You’ll also be able to find ‘cheesy’ toasties here, alongside blue lattes and a floral selfie wall. What are you waiting for?

naked bakery

Hungry for more vegan friendly places to visit in Edinburgh? Have a read of my Vegan Food in Edinburgh post.

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