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    6 Photos to give you Scotland Wanderlust

    For all my travelling, I was a late starter in the exploration of my own little country (much to the dismay of my very patriotic father). Looking back, my lack of Scotland exploration was shameful, given that a weekend trip to the highlands from Edinburgh is more than doable with a little forward planning. In 2017, Scotland was voted Rough Guide’s “most beautiful country in the world”, pipping New Zealand, Canada and Italy to the top spot. Our enormous lochs, dramatic landscapes and crumbling castles had the reader poll singing the country’s praises, and inspired a whole new set of travellers to book their tickets to see what all the…

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    The stories behind the 2016 photos

    I’ve taken so many trips in 2016, that I’ve actually lost count (sorry!). I clocked in 4 new countries, and a good few new cities and towns. This post is dedicated, not to the photos that got the most likes, but those that served as my best 2016 stories and memories… Edinburgh For a capital city, I always feel like my home town doesn’t have the same volume of cool new architecture that some bigger places have to offer. The structures around the newer parliament buildings are still up for debate, but I always think they look pretty cool. I  also wrote my first post about the city this year, highlighting some…