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    5 Kick ass female bloggers

    It’s National Woman’s day! The female blogging community is bursting with talent..so go check out some of my fave literary sistas… Tattooedtravelertribe http://www.tattooedtravelertribe.com/ The perfect stomping ground for the modern day hippy traveller. Tattooed covered artist Caroline takes you on her adventures with short, sharp, well-written posts with cool and inspiring photos. Travelettes http://www.travelettes.net/ The first travel blog I ever followed, pulling together knowledgeable female travellers from all over the globe to give you the run down on different locations. Their site is super easy to search and (so far) has had posts to get me excited abut every place I’ve searched for. Wardrobe Conversations http://www.wardrobeconversations.com My only non travel…

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    24 hours in Puebla, Mexico

    Puebla is one of Mexico’s biggest cities, located just a couple of hours South East of Mexico City. Usually missed out in favour of some of the better known tourist locations, Puebla is only a 3 hour bus journey from the capital. I was fortunate enough to be taken on an overnight trip to find out what was so special about this Spanish colonial city. Here’s why you should too… Mexican Street of Colour Situated near the zocalo (centre), this little street was lined with cafes, antique stores and pretty painted houses. Locals stand in the doorways to their shops, and will happily chat away to you, given the opportunity. Casa…

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    6 Photos to give you Scotland Wanderlust

    For all my travelling, I was a late starter in the exploration of my own little country (much to the dismay of my very patriotic father). Looking back, my lack of Scotland exploration was shameful, given that a weekend trip to the highlands from Edinburgh is more than doable with a little forward planning. In 2017, Scotland was voted Rough Guide’s “most beautiful country in the world”, pipping New Zealand, Canada and Italy to the top spot. Our enormous lochs, dramatic landscapes and crumbling castles had the reader poll singing the country’s praises, and inspired a whole new set of travellers to book their tickets to see what all the…