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Qatar Airways vegan meal and food review – with photos

This review covers all the vegan meal options I was served on my two Qatar Airways flights – one from Edinburgh to Doha, and one from Doha to Bangkok (approx 7.5 hours per flight). This vegan menu overview is what I received during travel in their Economy class seating.

UPDATE: This blog was originally written following a trip in December 2022. However, I made the same trip in January 2024. As an update to the below, for vegans, the Qatar Airways Economy Class food offering was exactly the same. However, this time, I was not offered any kind of small bite to replace the milk-based pretzels served to guests post-take-off.

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Vegan snacks on my Qatar Airways flight

I’m afraid it didn’t get off to a good start for Qatar Airways. Our flight began with a drink and snack service. The snack? Source cream and chive pretzels (containing milk). There was no alternative. Whilst it was only a tiny bag of pretzels I was missing out on, it was frustrating that a simple salted option probably would have solved the issue (but hadn’t been factored into their planning). Nil points Qatar Airways, nil points. My frustrations were only heightened by the total disinterest of the stewardess I spoke with when I asked if there WAS an alternative. If there was, I never saw it.

On a festive plus, the team handed out Christmas candy canes on my return flight.

christmas candy kane with qatar airways

Vegan meal with Qatar Airways in December 2022

Qatar Airways are one of the only airlines I’ve travelled with in the last ten years to serve my food alongside everyone else’s; a pleasant surprise, as it means you don’t need to wait to have your drink separately.

The service from Edinburgh to Doha included:

  • Chow mein noodles with tofu and spring onion
  • Small pepper and cucumber side salad (no dressing or seasoning)
  • 1 bread roll and vegan margarine
  • 1 pot of melon

Fruit for dessert – what a disappointment. Whilst everyone else tucked into chocolate pudding pots, I glumly fired into yet another lazy attempt at a vegan dessert offering. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, “the 80s called, they want their menu back”.

On a plus, I really enjoyed the noodles. They were flavoursome and had little slithers of (what appeared to be) mushroom throughout. It was unusual not to be given a few packets of seasoning, salt and pepper for example, and (quite frankly) the raw salad really could have done with it. 

vegan chow mein meal qatar airways

My second main (on the flight from Qatar to Bangkok) had a more Indian theme to it. Service included:

  • Tomato-based curry
  • What seemed to be a potato/polenta cube
  • Spiced potato (?) rings. I had a really hard time identifying anything but the curry, but everything was tasty enough – if perhaps a little dry.

There were two curve balls with this meal – a rice pudding (that may or may not have had a soy base), and a croissant. Vegan croissants are hard to come by (even when you’re not 30,000 ft in the air), so I approached this option with a fair about of cynicism. I was assured it was vegan – I’m still not convinced, but props to Qatar Airways if it was!

vegan food on qatar airways curry

Vegan breakfast menu/second meal with Qatar Airways

Sandwiches were the go-to secondary meal for all passengers on the two 7-hour flights. The vegan option was a grilled vegetable offering, with pepper, aubergine, and salad. Underwhelming, but probably no more so than what I saw the non-vegans receiving 

vegan breakfast qatar airways

Tea and coffee service

For the second drinks service, guests were given little chocolate wafers to enjoy with their drinks. Following the first snack encounter, I handed mine back to the steward, convinced that these little chocolate packets weren’t for me (and the steward took it without comment). It was only as I passed it back that the passenger next to me pointed out that they were in fact vegan (noted with a little label on the back.)

DELIGHTED! But, equally disappointing that the Qatar Airways team didn’t know this themselves – surely food service training is a basic must?
There was also no plant-based milk for hot drinks (sigh).

vegan snacks on qatar airways

General points about Qatar Airways Economy Class Food

I see a lot of people asking about what is included in the price of a Qatar Airways Ecomony ticket. They offer an unlimited supply of snacks, which can be picked up from the flight attendant’s galley. However, it’s worth noting that (during both my recent flights in 2023 and 2024) there were no snacks suitable for vegans – and the team seamed particualry disitered in this.

During your flight, the flight team come round regularly with a range of complimentary refreshments (drinks). This include alcholol.

Qatar Airways vegan food review summary

I’m scoring 3.5 out of 5. The Qataris continue to let themselves down with their sadder-than-average attempt at plant-based desserts. For an airline that boasts impeccable service, their team were flat and they really need to get on top if it. I’ve had better food service from other airlines that don’t boast to be at the top of their game. That being said, I was pleased to be offered vegan spreads, mini treats and their main dishes.

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  • Marilyn

    Thanks for the detailed descriptions, wasn’t sure what to expect! I booked via Virgin Australia, but flight was with Air Qatar. I was told by Virgin Australia that I could only have a vegetarian option, but to phone Air Qatar. When I phoned Air Qatar they weren’t even sure if I could have a vegan meal, but would try for me?!

      • Chris J

        It’s funny because just before this I ran across an article from 2020 discussing how amazing Qatar’s vegan options were, but that probably was because it was the Business Class menu

        • Sarah

          hey Chris 🙂 In their defense, their mains were good, I’m just so tired of being given a sad (juice-less) bowl of airline fruit for dessert.

  • temp mail

    It’s as if you read my mind; you seem to know so much about this that it’s as if you penned the book in it or something. Although, I believe you could use a few images to help drive home the point, other than that, this is an excellent blog. I will definitely be back for more.

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