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Plant Bae Edinburgh | Vegan and vegetarian cafe

Updated September 2022

Plant Bae is a vegan and vegetarian cafe located in Edinburgh’s developing Easter Road. It’s a wonderful pint-sized addition to Edinburgh’s growing list of vegan-friendly cafes; a trendy little spot to enjoy a weekend brunch or a casual coffee.

Plant Bae, Easter Road

Plant Bae was originally introduced to Edinburgh in a small site near Haymarket train station. While the pastel-coloured cafe always felt busy, the team was forced into closure during covid. Thankfully, they’ve now returned, re-introducing themselves via a fast-paced tenement corner in Edinburgh’s Eastside (close to the Hibernian FC football stadium).

Plant bae avocado toast easter road

Plant Bae Edinburgh menu

When I first visited Plant Bae back in their Haymarket days, they were still working on putting their menu on their website. Years later, and I’m afraid to say they still haven’t done this; a frustrating move as, although I have my favourites, it makes it a difficult sell to non-veggies I’m hoping to take along for the first time.

Alongside a few familiar offerings of avocado toast and plant-based brownies, Plant Bae has a hidden ace up their vegan sleeves: waffles! And not just any waffles! I’m talking ULTIMATE waffles. Toppings include sweet tooth-tingling chocolate ganache and Biscoff, as well as vegan-friendly lemon curds and granola (ideal for those who struggle with the sugary overload of the first choice).

plant bae waffles edinburgh

The new verdict

If you’re in the Leith/Easter Road neighborhood, it’s definitely worth checking this place out. I once had a slight bee in my bonnet about the brand’s policy to charge extra for plant-based milk. However, since their re-location, they’ve addressed this (and remedied any niggles I once had).

I’d have loved to see them get truly creative and step up to the plate with a fully vegan menu and show people what can be done with only plant-based ingredients.

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