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Going vegan/veggie in Amsterdam

Want to eat vegan or vegetarian in Amsterdam? At first glance, Amsterdam seems to be a trickier one whilst trying to ride the vegan train; remember, these guys are famous for their cheese! For being such a multicultural presence in Europe, I was a little disappointed with my initial vegan/vegetarian steak out (ignore the pun). Sure, you can get yourself on ‘Happy Cow’ and find the usual trodden paths, but I quite enjoy the ‘stumbled upon’ find.

HOWEVER, after a bit of digging/being shown around by a local, I’ve now got a few favourites on catalogue…

Sir Hummus

Show me a vegan that doesn’t LOVE hummus! Located in the ever cool De Pijp area, this little lunch time haven always seems to be full of locals (always a good sign, right?). Hummus served the right way… a big fresh bowl of the stuff + a topping (the Pikant Aubergine is my personal favourite) + your choice of pita. DE-LI-CIOUS!

sir hummus


A brilliant little Dutch wholefoods store with a small cafe set up in their window setting. Great for a little energy boost smoothie or snack. On more than one occasion I’ve walked from the other side of the city JUST to pick up one of their sugar cinnamon vegan doughnuts (drools). By far the fluffiest, most wonderful doughnut I’ve ever found … EVER!

amsterdam donut


Mastino Pizza

A secret Amsterdam find/recommendation, that I got from a few local friends. Pizza is a hard one to get right for vegans. You usually get a dry base with a load of veg plonked on the top of a couple of squares of non-melting vegan cheese (if you’re lucky). Mastino has not one, but four vegan options. My favourite is a tomato sauce base covered in rocket and a generous helping of soft vegan cheese (vegan brie anyone?) A perfect evening meal stop.

The Avocado show

Newly launched, super fruit restaurant serving avocados in every way you could possibly think of (and didn’t ever think were possible). Also located in ‘De pijp’, this fun, palm tree wallpapered location is proving popular with the Instagram crowd thanks to it’s photo-tastic menu. Get there a little before key eating times to avoid a long wait (there are no reservations as of yet). Check out my full review of this vegan friendly restaurant.

avocado show


Pretty much does what it says on the tin… a big frickin food hall. I’ve actually mentioned this place before in another Amsterdam post, but I felt it was worthy of a second round. Full of atmosphere with a busy crowd feel,  the converted tram depot boasts a large island bar, flanked by a good 20+ food stands. Some permanent, others rotational, I’ve picked up vegan hot dogs topped with popcorn (yup..popcorn!) and sweet potato fries on generous beds of rocket. Think hipster street food, with dj’s.


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