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Cachi budget accommodation

Cachi is a small town in the north west of the Salta province, Argentina. It’s one of the main stops for tourists travelling the south ‘triangle’ of Salta.

We chose to make a night stop in Cachi, after leaving Cafayate behind and hearing nothing but good things about the mountain town.
Unfortunately (for us), the actual town of Cachi wasn’t the second Cafayate that we wanted it to be. The town is small, so small that hostel world wasn’t playing ball (at all). One of the main attractions is a small centre museum. sports some accommodation recommendations, but not to the backpack budget we were running on.  Similarly, Google threw out little in the way of hostel info whilst searching for blogs about Cachi budget haunts.
We arrived late. After a quick scout, we came across this little beaut, that I felt was worth a blog post due to an internet info shortage.

Hosteria Casablanca

cachi hostel
At 550 pesos a night, a private room in Hosteria Casablanca wasn’t the cheapest of our trip. It was, however, the nicest….
Essentially, this is an ‘inn’ type set up, not a hostel. However, the site has the same feel that you’d get if you’d booked a private room in a hostel. The ‘Hosteria’ is set up with gates for privacy, and also accommodates secure parking for your rent-a-car. For those visiting in summer (I hate you), they have a decent sized swimming pool, where you can sit and eat the included breakfast.
cachi breakfast
Our room linked to a semi private bathroom, shared with one other private room. The bathrooms have recently been refurbished, are stocked with shampoos, soaps and towels, AND (for those winter travels) have non stop hot water.
This was the first room we came across that supplied full duvets rather than blankets. Sounds basic, but when you’ve stopped caring about luxuries in favour of worrying about if it’s warm enough for you to sleep, it becomes a big deal.
cachi bedroom
Argentina winters are cold. Really cold. I was not ready for this! I come from Scotland. To highlight somewhere else as cold is a big step. Hostels have tiled floors and concrete walls, and don’t come with rug coveted floors. Radiators are a luxury, with most hostels buckling to my incessant moaning about the cold, and handing over their only portable heater for our room.  This hostel provided us with a room with not one, but two wall radiators!!! Jackpot.
For those running the triangle route of Salta, one night in Cachi should be enough. Along the way we ran into a local, who gave us the best tip of the journey from Cafayate to Cachi; “don’t worry about getting to your destination, the best bits are on the way”.
More posts on our Salta route to come. Have you ever been to the North of Argentina? I’d love to hear about your favourite spots?

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