I can’t decide what I love the most, budget traveling or finding a new spot to sample vegan food. So I write about both.

At 28, I quit my job of 7 years (terrified that society was telling me that I was ‘too old’ to be doing this). I bought a 5 point, around the world ticket, got on the plane to Asia, and never made it past point 3. I doubled back to Asia, pinning for more of it. I settled in Thailand for 2 years. I took quickly to Thai life, working 6 day weeks under the laid back management of my Thai bosses in a travel shop.

about sarah

The Western world (mostly non-sugary bread) called me back for a few years, giving me some great opportunities to work with travel related bloggers, and brushing up on my general marketing skills.

Back home, creeping into my mid 30’s, no kids, and with my general ‘shit’ under control, I’ve taken to grabbing every opportunity I can to head to places I want to see. Along the way, I like nothing better than a little pitt stop in a veggie friendly eatery. Come read about me doing both…

Sarah x