7 Places that gave my Instagram account wanderlust

I confess, I’m an Instagram whore. I’m proud of my travels, and secretly love to make everyone a little envious (I’m a terrible terrible gloating human being). Here are some of my top spots for getting those perfect ‘wanderlust’ shots… (P.S .. go check out my shameless photo whoring at IG: sarahscotland)


Desert, sand dunes and sunset for miles. Huacachina is a tiny village in Peru, built around a small oasis surrounded by huge dunes. Climbing the dunes feels like you’re scaling a mountain, sand slipping under foot; but the sunset snaps at the top are completely worth the effort.

Lopez Mendes


Living in Asia, I thought I’d be pushed to find a more beautiful beach than the ones I had surrounded myself with. However, 3 hours South of Rio, lies Ihla Grande; a largely undeveloped island, hosting Lopez Mendes beach. We took the trip there after hearing through the grapevine that it was South America’s 5th best beach. It completely lived up to it’s hype, almost entirely deserted, we had a good mile’s worth of beach all to ourselves!

Tivoli Gardens


The famous amusement Park in Copenhagen is one of the oldest in the world. Besides the rides, the gardens serve as a venue for various performing arts and is teaming with beautiful buildings and walkways.

Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

The statue is located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Becoming more and more ruined by tourism (the first time I went here I had to catch a rickety 1 hour bus up the mountain, now there’s a cable car and a load of shops), the giant bronze Buddha and surrounding walks are still a fabulous snap location on a quiet day/evening.



A few  hours West on the bus from the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh, Essaouira is a much smaller (and less intrusive) city full of little arts and crafts stalls and shops. Despite claims, myths that Jimi Hendrix owned property here are untrue, but the city still holds onto laid back arty vibes to encourage visitors. Loads of hidden graffiti and old school building to tickle your camera’s taste buds.

The Old Man of Storr


My dad will kill me if I don’t include Scotland in one of my ‘best places to get photo’s’ posts!!! A huge rocky hill on the Isle of Skye, with a number of gravity defying rock pinnacles sitting in front of it. The place is just as spectacular (if not more so) in bad weather as it is in good. The rocks are featured right at the start of the movie ‘Prometheus’ (you remember.. that movie that everyone hated but I still quite secretly liked), and it’s the one place I always tell people to go visit up North.


Pretty much the entire city. The place is an Instagram dream. The city oozes cool. Graffiti, street artists, fashion. I don’t need to say any more.



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