32 hours in Berlin
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32 hours in Berlin

You have 32 hours in Berlin. Here’s my budget backpacker’s list of what to do, where to stay, where to eat, and what to listen to. And, for extra foodie and activity ideas, check out the great list from my friends over at Veggies Abroad: Berlin vegan guide + what to do.

What to do with 32 hours in Berlin

With such little time, I sat down with one of the hostel locals and asked them to highlight the real must do obvious tourist spots:

berlin memorial

Holocaust memorial

2711 slabs arranged in a grid pattern in remembrance of the murdered Jews of Europe. The site also has an underground place of information, holding the names of approximately 3 million victims.

berlin history

Topography of Terror

Only a few blocks away from the memorial (next to part of the Berlin Wall remains), runs an outdoor and indoor history museum. Much quieter than the larger pieces of wall around the city, and a great lesson in the rise of the Nazi’s.

berlin graffiti

Graffiti at Haubentaucher

All around this city-center bathing pool are old buildings/walls just covered in graffiti, from cool tags to some really detailed pieces. An Insta lovers dream!


Berlin Photoautomats

These things are everywhere! Photo booths on street corners, worn out bridges, shopping streets; half the fun of them is the sheer randomness of their locations. For 2 Euros a photo strip, it’d be rude not to have a go (or four).

Where to Eat in Berlin

Everyone I spoke with always went on about how great Berlin was for vegans/veggies, but I don’t think I was prepared for how big it actually is there. Almost every place we passed advertised their, “don’t eat meat? We’ll replace it with tofu”, attitude. My mind was blown. So was my stomach. I get way too excited when there’s that much choice. I ate my way through a truck load of vegan food, but these were my highlights:


Rawtasic Berlin

I haven’t done many ‘raw’ restaurants (it’s hard to get non-veggie friends on board), but this was pretty special. We opted for the lasagna (left) and the pizza (right). I’m going to be honest, when they came out, I was skeptical. It was a really step away from the usual carb-filled veggie pizzas and pastas I’m used to. Stick with it. The flavours! Oh. My. God, the flavours! Vegans are so much more creative with their food. If you’re going to try raw vegan for the first time, this place is a pretty good shout.

yoyo food

Yoyo foodworld

At the total opposite end of the spectrum (and city), Yoyo’s was the best vegan burger joint I’ve ever seen. Have you ever seen a Hawaiian vegan burger – complete with ‘bacon’ and pineapple? No, neither had I! The burger list was huge, the prices were low. Cheap as, well, chips! Think hipster chic burger bar.

Berlin Music Scene

Put down your playlist full of mainstream house tunes, you’re in Berlin; the world capital of cool underground music and experimental artists. Dive in! Like waaaaay in. My pick; Lacika and The Hookers (admit it, you’re already intrigued by the name?).


Lacika explains the first overall album theme: “Rotten Hearts is a heavy trip to my dark side … exploring territories I haven’t touched before. I was experimenting with different raw and distorted sounds in the past couple of years, and the album contains a selection of these tracks. The songs and lyrics are very honest and intimate, they tell a story, and complete the album with a fully enraged rock experience.”

Encompassing elements of electronica and alternative rock, under moody melodies and killer hooks, this really isn’t one to be playing to your granny during Sunday tea – but good god does it make you feel cool cruising the streets of Berlin.

Where to Stay in Berlin

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, solo travellers … stay in hostels! In Berlin, I chose EastSeven hostel, located just two stops away from one of the central undergrounds (u-bahns). If you’re looking for a party, it’s probably not the place for you (if that’s your bag then head to Wombats’ hostel). Instead, benefits include location and cleanliness (I reckon I can probably put it up there as one of the cleanest hostels I’ve ever stayed in). Staff were happy to talk you through locations/directions and there were a good number of guests mulling around (although I found a lot of them a bit nervous to start conversations. You’re going to have to gear yourself up to make the first move). Big gardens, 3 Euro breakfasts and an activities board were also on their list of pro’s.

Thanks Berlin! I had a blast.

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