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24 hours in Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is one of Mexico’s biggest cities, located just a couple of hours South East of Mexico City (check out my Mexico City 3-day guide). Usually missed out in favour of some of the better known tourist locations, Puebla is only a 3 hour bus journey from the capital. I was fortunate enough to be taken on an overnight trip to find out what was so special about this Spanish colonial city. Here’s why you should too…

Mexican Street of Colour

puebla colour

puebla street

Situated near the zocalo (centre), this little street was lined with cafes, antique stores and pretty painted houses. Locals stand in the doorways to their shops, and will happily chat away to you, given the opportunity.

Casa Reyna Hotel

casa reyna

I’m not usually a hotel kind of traveller, often opting for a more sociable (and cost-effective) hostel instead. However, Puebla is teaming with boutique hotels, and at £70 a night, it felt rude not to try TripAdvisor’s no.1 hotel, Casa Reyna.

casa reyna room

The Historical Library

puebla library

Built in 1646, The Biblioteca Palafoxiana is thought to be the oldest library in the Americas! Surprisingly, it didn’t seem to be drawing the large hoards of tourist groups that some of Mexico’s other historical spots do, so we had the opportunity to enjoy the space privately. Don’t miss the chance to see it whilst exploring the historic downtown.

puebla book

The Mexican Street Food


Savoury Mexican street food wasn’t very accommodating towards my vegan diet (the Mexicans like their meat!). However, luck had it, that a little duo had set up camp right outside Casa Reyna, selling potato and bean tacos. At 3 pesos a piece, Puebla had the tastiest and cheapest tacos that I found in Mexico.

Puebla Cathedrals

puebla church

So many Cathedrals, all adorned with beautiful glimmering gold alters and murals. Not usually one for churches, I was blown away by the detailing and sheer amount of gold in these big constructions.

The Antique Shops

puebla antique

Situated along the little street full of colour that I mentioned earlier, don’t be fooled by the tiny shop fronts of the many antique stores in Puebla. These little entrances open up into huge Aladdin’s cave-style spaces, with so many things to look at that it’ll make your head hurt!

All of these spots can be done in just over a day, and we still had time to sit and enjoy a beer in one of the many central bars.

Getting to Puebla

We found it really easy to get to Puebla, taking a bus from Mexico City. We took the ADO bus direct, and this route ran regularly throughout the day.

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