Beach holidays in Ibiza

Beach holiday? Mention Ibiza, and most people think of the famous wild super clubs. Young party goers arriving en mass to tan, drink and celebrate club culture with the creme de la creme of the world’s DJ’s. HOWEVER, the island has an alternative side to offer. Remove yourself from high energy San Antonio, and you can turn Ibiza into an ultimate European sunset/crystal beach ‘wanderlust’ spot:

Benirrás hippie beach

A relaxing little cove of a beach, located in North Ibiza, flanked by rows of little boat huts. Take a picnic and stroll around the mini hippie market, before settling on one of the many little wooden docks to sun yourself and watch the world go by.

beach shack

ibiza boat

Es Vedra, Ibiza

Had enough of lounging around on beaches? Swap your flip flops for trainers and take a drive out to this West Ibiza location. The Es Vedra cliff tops views give you unspoiled horizons sights, and terrifying drops down to ice clear waters. Scramble up the hike trail to old pirate look out towers, and then relax with the view and the cliff breeze.
es vedra beach
es vedra pirate tower
beach view

San Antonio sunset

So the urge to visit San An has been too strong? Head along in the evening for the ultimate in famous sunset experiences. Perch yourself in front of the long running Cafe Mambo or Cafe Del Mar pre-club bars, and watch the sun slowly creep down below the horizon with big crowds and laid back tunes. Quite an emotion drawing experience for even the hardest of souls. The atmosphere is warm and electric, with crowds cheering every evening, as the horizon steals the last flash of light from the setting sun.
ibiza sunset
Getting to Ibiza doesn’t need to be as expensive as you think. Head over to my post to find out how to travel to Ibiza for under £200 (all in)

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