The Avocado Show: Amsterdam

Love Avocados? Have you heard of the Avocado show yet? I have!! You know you’re probably taking it a little too far when you get so excited about a picture of an avocado based meal on Instagram. So much so that you have to go visit the place that took it. But that’s exactly what I did!

avocado show window

Around Xmas time last year, I stumbled upon the 3rd or 4th post of a new avocado Instagram account (yup..thats a thing!), advertising the upcoming launch of a new avocado themed restaurant in Amsterdam’s ‘hipster-tastic’, De Pijp. Teased with prospect of a new vegan friendly haunt (and lots of snaps of avocados arranged like flowers) I eagerly hit the ‘follow’ button.

Four months on, and I’m in Amsterdam for the second week of opening. It’d be rude NOT to go. A little queue already formed, pre 12 o’clock, meant a little wait. This was to be expected (The Avocado show posted video feed of customers queuing in the early morning dark for opening day).

avocado show food

Seated inside, the small restaurant carried the ‘new location’ buzz, with customers all pouring over menus sure to get Insta-food bloggers salivating. Flanked by rough open walls on one side, and palm wallpaper walls on the other, the room feels cool (sorry… I just used a mum word), but not too serious.

Vegan food

The menu is split into a number of different categories, giving you the option to choose from smaller appetiser style dishes, to larger heavier ones… I went for the latter (FILL ME UP WITH CARBS!!!). I ordered the avocado toast with humus, and shared a vegan nacho pate with a friend. Be warned/delighted… the nacho plates are HUGE!! The toast is to die for, a pretty circular floral arrangement topped with edible (I hope) flowers. Don’t be fooled by some of the small (ish) looking portions, they’re a lot more filling than they appear to be… remember, you’re taking out a full avocado and whatever comes with it!

avocado show main

Throughout, staff were friendly, knowledgeable and (despite the growing prime lunchtime queue outside) never rushed us.

Prices may (on first glance) look a little bit steeper than some of the surrounding brunch haunts. Now stop a minute. Can you remember the last time you cut an avocado out of its skin? Despite your best efforts, was it a bit brown on one side where you let it ripen for that five extra minutes longer than it wanted? And (DESPITE YOUR BEST EFFORTS) did your nicely cut slices collapse in a big relieved mess when you tried to lay it neatly on your toast? Yup! Now, think of all the ball-ache that must be going into do avoiding all that, AND following it all up by making a flower!!!! There’s where those extra 3/4 Euros are going.

Get yourself along to this place before the queues get longer/before so many people have taken pictures that you look like you’re a step behind the cool kids.

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