5 Kick ass female bloggers

It’s National Woman’s day! The female blogging community is bursting with talent..so go check out some of my fave literary sistas…



The perfect stomping ground for the modern day hippie traveller. Tattooed covered artists, Caroline, takes you on her adventures with short, sharp, well written posts with cool and inspiring photos.




The first travel blog I ever followed, pulling together knowledgeable female travellers from all over the globe to give you the run down on different locations. Their site is super easy to search and (so far) has had posts to get me excited abut every place I’ve searched for.


Wardrobe Conversations


My only non travel related shout out. This Scottish duo touch mainly on fashion related topics, using fun locations as their backdrop. Great monthly wishlist updates, and always championing other girly bloggers… ultimate female power!




Refreshingly colourful blog (and Instagram account to match). Tara has a great mix of both luxury and budget posts, meaning that everyone from my folks, to the rough and ready traveller, can get something out of her blog.




Quick easy to read posts by a younger up and coming blogger, Janne, from the Netherlands. I like her posts, as she cuts out all the rambling and gets straight to the point with simple titles and informative paragraphs (perfect for fast commuter reads). Lots of numbered guide posts and dreamy wanderlust photos.


Would love to hear about your favourite female bloggers??

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