24 hours in Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is one of Mexico’s biggest cities, located a couple of hours south east of Mexico City. Usually missed out (in favour of more well known tourist spots), I was fortunate enough to take a 24 hour trip to explore outside of the capital… This is why you should too…

Mexican street of colour

Situated near the zocalo (centre), this little street was lined with cafes, antique stores and pretty painted houses.

My Puebla hotel

I’m not usually a hotel kinda gal, often opting for the ever faithful (and cost effective) hostel instead. However, this city is teaming with boutique hotels, and (at £70 a night) it felt rude not to try the TripAdvisor no.1; Casa Reyna.

Historical library

The Biblioteca Palafoxiana is the oldest library in the Americas! Don’t miss the chance to see it whilst exploring the historic downtown.

The Mexican street food


Savoury Mexican street food wasn’t very accommodating towards my vegan/veggie (these folks like their meat!) However, luck had it that a little duo had set up camp (a box) selling potato and bean tacos….right outside our hotel! At 3 pesos a piece, I was getting my cheapest tacos in Mexico.

Puebla Cathedrals


Oh so many Cathedrals, all adorned with beautiful glimmering gold alters and murals.

The Antique shops

Tiny little shop fronts that open up into huge Aladin’s cave style properties.

You can take all of this in over a day, and still have time to sit and enjoy a beer in one of the many centre bars.

Getting to Puebla

Super easy ADO bus routes run all day direct from Mexico city

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