6 Photos to give you Scotland Wanderlust

For all my travelling, I was a late starter in the exploration of my own little country (much to the dismay of my very patriotic father). Looking back, my lack of Scotland exploration was shameful, given that a weekend trip to the highlands from Edinburgh is more than doable, with a little forward planning.

In 2017, Scotland was voted Rough Guide’s “most beautiful country in the world”, pipping New Zealand, Canada and Italy to the top spot. Our enormous lochs, dramatic landscapes and crumbling castles had the reader poll singing the country’s praises, and inspired a whole new set of travellers to book their tickets to see what all the fuss is about.


The road to Glen Coe is paved with these perfectly serene Scottish loch stop points.


The windy little road to Glen Etvie (where the famously filmed some of the scenes for James Bond, Skyfall) has more to offer than just the iconic stopping point from the movie.


No trip to the North of Scotland would be complete without a stop over in Skye. The famous needle like rock formations at The old man of Storr are utterly breath taking, and as a result it is one of the most famously photographed landscapes in the world.


All the hardcore Harry Potter fans out there will know that Scotland is home to the famous Harry Potter rain line, along the West of the country. If you’re making the trip out to see the rail lines, be sure to keep an eye out for the all of the little loch stop view points like this one (above).


The winding mountain drive on the way to Eilean Donan Castle is dotted with these little balancing stone arrangements. Scotland’s is often mocked for its unreliable weather, but in locations like this, it certainly adds to the romance of the shot.


You can’t possibly tour Scotland without a bottle of Irn-Bru, and a stop to get your photo taken with a hairy highland cow!

Visiting Scotland is easier than ever, with daily flights from all London airports and multiple International airports around Europe and the rest of the world.

Making a trip to Edinburgh? You can learn more about the best Edinburgh tourist locations and best vegan restaurants in Edinburgh over at my other posts.

6 thoughts on “6 Photos to give you Scotland Wanderlust

  1. I “always” have Scotland Wanderlust. 😊
    I have been there a few times and am always longing to go back. One of my dream destinations would be a trip to the far north, the Orkney islands. Hopefully one day.

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