6 Photos to give you Scotland Wanderlust

I’m a bad Scottish person. For all my travelling, I was a late starter in the exploration of my own country (sorry dad!!). It’s always easier to take for granted the places that are on your doorstep. Right? I’ve never been inside Edinburgh Castle either (oh the shame!!).

I have my friend Dave to thank for my North West Scotland tour. After returning from two years living in Thailand, penniless and pretty bummed, he convinced me to take my little Smart car (and him) to see what my dad had been raving about all these years. We weren’t disappointed, taking some of the best photographs my travels had ever produced.


The road to Glen Coe was paved with these perfect, serene, Scottish loch stop points


The scenic road of Glen Etvie (where the famously filmed some of the scene for James Bond, Skyfall) had more to offer than just the iconic spot from the movie.


By far my favourite part of Scotland to date. The old man of Storr was just breath taking. We trudged up in the wind and rain, which seemed to put off everyone else waiting at the bottom of the hill off. The weather ended up making the place even more dramatic, and we were practically the only ones up there. You might recognise it from one of the first scenes in the movie Prometheus?


There’s a Harry Potter train line somewhere along the West of Scotland. We stumbled upon it (not being remotely interested in the books), and found this mini island not far off. I love this photo, it looks like elephants in the water.


The winding mountain drive, on the way to Eilean Donan, was dotted with these fab little stone arrangements. Scotland’s weather, once again, adding to the shots.


Because you can’t possibly tour Scotland without a bottle of Irn Bru and stop to get your photo with a hairy highland cow!!!

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6 thoughts on “6 Photos to give you Scotland Wanderlust

  1. I “always” have Scotland Wanderlust. 😊
    I have been there a few times and am always longing to go back. One of my dream destinations would be a trip to the far north, the Orkney islands. Hopefully one day.

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