Which hotel in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is bursting with places to stay, and Toto, we’re not in our usual ‘budget’ accommodation anymore! After trawling the internet for a little beach hut in Tulum, that wouldn’t cost a quarter of a months salary a night (yes.. really!), I finally stumbled across the Bali beach huts in Ahau Tulum.

There is nothing budget about Ahau Tulum. It too has it’s ample share of enormous expensive beach cabanas. However, in amongst the row of resort hotels on the beach strip, I found a total gem of a location (that suits a more budgeted traveller).

Despite our backpacks (and rather dishevelled appearance), we were checked in with the usual ‘glass of fizz’ treatment, by two super friendly greeting staff. It’s worth noting the check in vibe of the hotel was very different to the usual stuffy resort check in. Staff are free to be casual, tattoos on show, and this all fits in so well with the boho jungle feel of the hotel.

But the Bali room is what you’re all here to see right? We took the ground floor of one of the beach huts, set in amongst the jungle of the resort, though still only meters away from the beach. When 6am came, I could easily roll out of our of bed and down the path to the sunrise.

What I love about these huts is that, despite being smack bang in the middle of a resort, there’s nothing pretentious about them. Rooms are small, but super clean. Hawaiian print eye masks and cloud soft beds greet you on arrival. The shower and toilets are private and outside, with sand flooring and stepping stones to your shower. The heat in Tulum makes this a pleasure (rather than an inconvenience) and I can’t imagine the huts being as quirky, without this set up.

So (apart from because I stayed there), why is it the best hotel on the strip? I spent a lot of my time in Tulum strolling around the big hotels looking for perfect Instagram shots (sounds sad.. it possibly is.. but its a great way to explore). There’s a lot of (American) money kicking about these hotels, and (as a result), prices can be high. Looking over menus, Ahau definitely has one of the lower priced menus. Spa prices are are a lot more ‘reasonable’ and friendly (with one spa actually telling me they wouldn’t accommodate me as I wasn’t spending enough!!!).

Ahau is the only Tulum hotel on the strip to host an on site vegan cafe ‘RawloveTulum‘, as well as accommodating vegans into their normal restaurant menu. Non hotel guests are welcome, and each day we sat down to chit chat with off the street yogi’s, all looking for one of the infamous smoothie bowls. Vibes were relaxed swing and hammock chairs, with staff taking a genuine interest in their menu and your order. Needless to say, we had breakfast there every day. Also see my post on where to eat vegan and vegetarian in Tulum.

The entire strip of beach is utterly beautiful, and Ahau’s private beach beds jut out just far enough from the resort that they catch the breeze. I’m not a sunbather (I get bored and bothered), but I lay here for hours, with the heat being tolerable due to the winds off the coast. Having 50 pesos coconuts delivered to my bed may also have helped!

After currency conversion, our Bali hut hotel room cost us around £80 a night, £40 each (subject to change of the hotel and season). As I said, this is more than our usual ‘backpacker’ spend, but it was utterly worth it. It’s a total bargain if you’re on a holiday budget (you’d pay more for a Travel Lodge in London for that!). I can’t recommend this hotel enough… I’ll defo be back.

Please Note: I was not in any way commissioned by Ahau Tulum for this post. I rarely write a full post on a hotel alone, but in this case, felt the experience they gave us was enough to do so.

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