3 days in Mexico City

My trip to Mexico City was somewhat hindered in November, after getting pretty sick just before I was due to go. I didn’t manage to hit the city with as much force as my usual ‘jam packed’ travel speed, but these were our favourite go to sites, for those that are on time restraints…

Day 1

Museo Frida Kahlo

I had a few people tell me that this wasn’t worth visiting… I disagree. The famous painter, known for her self portraits, lived in her blue house (‘La Casa Azul’) for most of her life. Those looking to see loads of her paintings are better off going to the Dolores Olmedo Museum, as the home is very much more focused on painting a picture (pardon the pun) of the artists life. Highlights include her wheelchair, collections of Mexican home ware, and gardens. We were lucky enough to visit whilst an extra exhibit was running, displaying her many dresses (and they influence they had on designers).

To avoid queues at the door, book online!!


With Kahlo’s home in the same neighbourhood, its totally worth a little wander up to the main square of this neighbourhood, surrounded by charming little ice cream shops, street performers and a decent sized two floor market (on Saturdays).


Vasconcelos Library

This isn’t a visit for books… this a visit to bask in the sheer brilliance of this building’s design. The huge library is built up to look like something not dissimilar to the matrix, with zigzagging clean cut stair cases and plush little seating areas dotted around for you to cruise the (rare) decent public WiFi.



Whilst I’m on the topic of the library (above), just outside (hang a left when you leave), runs a street with some spectacularly large pieces of artwork by some super talented folk with cans of paint.


Day 2

Teotihuacan Pyramids

It’s an obvious tourist spot, but I don’t think it makes it any less worth going to! The tallest spot, ‘The pyramid of the Sun’ provides a 243 step climb to top, and outstanding views of the entire Mesoamerican city.

La Gruta

We’d have never have found this gem, had it not been for our wonderful local friend taking us there. This special restaurant is nestled away inside a huge open cave, dotted with spotlights and candles to set the mood. Mariachi bands play, both on stage, and at tables, whilst you sample local dishes galore. They had a decent veggie selection, with tacos, re fried beans and tasty cocktails….. but let’s be honest, we were there for the atmosphere!

Day 3


Head South, hire yourself a boat, and spend your morning/afternoon floating along the canals. Boat hire doesn’t come cheap, so be sure to take a group and make a day of it. There a loads of boat vendors passing by, offering foodie treats from candy apples to tacos, and you can even hire your own Mariachi band to climb aboard and serenade you.

Salsa at Mama Rumba

Now I only went to one salsa bar in the time we were in the city, so I’m obviously quite biased (and possibly not very educated in salsa locations), but nonetheless, we had a blast here! The two floored bar hosts a stage, where live bands play so that you can dance the night away. The one rule; be open to dance with anyone that invites you. We saved ourselves the hassle of a search to this place and just popped it into Uber.

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