Going vegan/veggie in Tulum

Tulum is the perfect setting for vegan and veggie eats. The whole town is set up to accommodate a healthy happy feel, with restaurants sporting colourful hammocks, rope swings and fresh coconuts at every turn. It makes sense that the food be cruelty free, and encourage a diet full of nutrient bursting fruits, nuts and pulses. Here’s my top eating spots…

El Vegetariano

The name gives it away right? A great place for those staying in the main town, rather than away out at the beach resort strip. The restaurant boasts a large vegan/veggie menu full of hearty dishes, all made in an open plan kitchen so you can see exactly where you’re food is coming from. Staff are friendly and willing to make recommendations… in English!! (bless me poorly educated soul). They’ve got a robust smoothie section, that they’ll run with either soy or real mild (depending on preference). We went for the lentil salad and falafel pittas.



By far some of the best food I had in Tulum, where portions tended to be on the small side. This place, on the main road off the beach resorts, was an exception, with huge plates and healthy portion sizes. Pleasantly cheaper than a lot of the surrounding eateries, with a cool jungle setting, white wash wood furniture, and open kitchen. We went for the sweet potato salad and the humus and eggplant pitta platter.

Las Bolas

I was delightfully drawn in by the hostess of this little shack, on the road side of the main beach resort strip. Her big smile and eagerness to let you sample their fruit popsicles and healthy vegan ice creams was so charming that I couldn’t resist dragging my friend over to see what she was up to. Much more of a snack stop than a restaurant, the stand boasts a huge array of organic super food vegan ice creams at a much better price than any of the hotels. Our favourite was the banana cream pie.


Raw Love Cafe

Boho vegan hippie heaven! Set in the middle of Ahau Tulum resort, this little paradise cafe is built around a set up of brightly coloured hammock swing chairs, chunky wooden tables and jungle palm trees. The boast a huge selection of vegan breakfast smoothie and chia bowls, healthy lunch wraps and salads, and a massive menu of interesting sounding coffees (train wreck anyone?). We’d have eaten breakfast here everyday is we could!


So I’m being a bit cheeky here, as there was little here for vegans, the Mexicans like their cheese, and super cheap eats seemed to come at a ‘turning a blind eye’ cost to this. Staying at the beach resorts gets expensive, with a lot of the hotels charging £10 a main. Located right on the resort beach, a few stops down fro the famous Ahau Tulum, Eufemia is permanently packed out with locals, backpackers, and a mostly younger crowd of people looking for super cheap food and drink right on the beach. The restaurant carries a pre club Ibiza vibe, but with a more rustic beach setting. Heavy speakers pump out chilled out beach dance tunes, and the kitchen sports a large taco seasoning bar. At 15 pesos a pop (around 80p), we opted for a shed load of mushroom and vegetable tacos, nachos, and quesadillas.

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