Going vegan in Budapest

When I go away to do a little travelling by myself, my default solo traveller activity is eating. Eastern Europe was once a complete nightmare for vegetarians/vegans, but with tourism on the rise (and budget airlines going to more destinations), things are getting a lot easier. Budapest fared pretty well with its offering…

Vega City

The first place I tried. Think canteen chic. A two floored restaurant, where you chose from a ton of self service options: burgers, salads, hot dishes and loads of fruit smoothies and drinks. I went for one of their burgers and an aubergine and tomato salad. I was stuffed!

Where: A quick walk down from the main ‘Astoria station’, and almost exactly opposite the National Museum.

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96 Zen Etterem

Another canteen style restaurant, they advertise themselves as serving Thai cuisine, but it’s definitely more like being in a Chinese. I loved this place, it was so small I missed it the first time I went past. It almost looks a little ropey from the outside, with it neon lights and windows covered in food pictures and descriptions, but don’t let that deter you. The guy who ran the place was delighted when we came in, took a lot of time to describe what all the dishes were, and was generally just happy to help. The soy meat, brown rice and curry were my faves

Where: Take the blue metro line to ‘Kelvin ter’, the restaurant is just on the corner of one of the exists.

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Napfenyes Etterem

The only one that I got table service at, and as a result, was a tiny little bit pricier that the others (that being said.. pricey was £5.40!). The locals seemed pretty enamoured with this one, possibly due to them running with so many Hungarian style dishes. The restaurant has a cheaper set menu from day to day, or you can also order from the ongoing menu. I went for the day menu, and asked the waitress to choose one of her favourites as my main. I have no idea what it was, some kind of battered mock meat, with a pickled beetroot type salads and (what I think) was mashed parsnips. The menu had some other really great sounding things, hot dog skewers with dipping sauces, and a good option of cakes.

Where: So this one threw me! It even threw my Google maps! I found it easiest to get off at Astoria (though there is a closer station), and head down Kossuth Lajos, towards the bridges. Just before you hit the bridges you come to a pedestrianised walk way on your left, with a church on it. Walk down there, and there’s a little side street off to your right. Napfenyes is right at the end of that side street.

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The Hummus bar

Good lord! Why do we not have this at home? Mostly take away, though we took one of the 3 or 4 tables in the little place. It pretty much does what it says on the tin. The bar isn’t strictly vegetarian/vegan (they have meat options), but your predominantly looking at a big old menu of chickpeas. Being the moany, picky person that I am, I asked them to alter their menu, I wanted the hummus platter with Aubergine and tzatziki, but I didn’t want egg (and wanted falafel instead). The guy taking our order was really helpful and accommodating… and I got what I wanted. It was amazing… I could have eaten my weight in it! Don’t miss it!

Where: Apparently there’s a good few of these little places dotted around the city, but since I was in that area, I went to the one closest to the ‘Kelvin ter’ metro stoplight next to it is a street called ‘Karolyi utca’, the bar is up there. Again, really close to the National museum, and just around the corner from the famous ‘For Sale’ bar.

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