Going Vegan in Bangkok

The first few times I was in Bangkok, I was nervy about what I was eating. The Thais love a splash of fish sauce, cleverly disguised amongst all the other wonderful flavours their food has to offer. So, with the help of a friend (who has the Bangkok sky train system down to a tee), I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite Vegan eateries that the city has to offer (and how to get to them).


Great for sweet treats, however, they also do a nice range of savoury food. Presentation is key to this little bakery, food is served on stylish wooden boards and mason jars. I was there around Halloween, whilst they were running a ‘spooky’ menu of vegan treats; Nutella frappes, pumpkin brownies, pumpkin custard pudding….salivating yet? If they’re still doing the frappe… don’t miss it! I also went for a block of their sushi rolls… don’t miss those either!!

Where: Take the sky train to Chit lom station. Just down from the station is a mall called Mercury Ville. You’ll find them on the 4th floorFullSizeRender (1)

May veggie home

All of the traditional Thai meat dishes you see around the city, but vegan. They also do a good few western dishes… but when in Rome…

I ordered so much stuff here that I couldn’t move. The kaeng som ( a Thai sour and spicy curry/soup) and the mushrooms wrapped in ‘bacon’ are a must!

Where: Take the sky train to Asok, head down the right hand side of the road. The restaurant is opposite the Terminal 21 mall.FullSizeRender

May Kaidee

I’ve saved my favourite for last. It was the first one I ever stumbled upon, I did my first ever Thai cookery class here.. the food is outstanding. Serves loads of traditional Thai dishes with tofu’s and soy meats. Try anything that has their peanut sauce accompaniment. Their massaman curry is also one of my favourites.

Where: A backpackers delight. No sky train needed. There are a few restaurants, but their biggest is just off Khao san road. Head to the bottom of Khao san where there is a burger king at the end. Hang a left, then a quick right down the first little alley you find on your right hand side. Looks a bit dodgy… its not. They are situated pretty much behind where burger king is.FullSizeRender (2)

If in doubt…

Two years living in Thailand taught me that most Thais just don’t fully appreciate the vegetarian/vegan concept in regards to animal welfare. For that reason, I would often be fed something, being told it was vegetarian, only to find it had fish sauce in it. To avoid this, its worth learning how to explain that you don’t eat any animals products. The fastest way to do this (I found), was to explain that you were ‘kin jay’ (which pretty much translates to ‘eat no animal products’). Being jay actually comes from the Chinese Buddhism ritual of not eating animal products. Its about keeping the body pure and clean, and often negates things like onion (and other smelly foods) from the diet as well. For me, it was the easiest way to ensure I had no animal products, the Thais are very understanding (and accommodating) of those following religious beliefs.

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